Bill Payment Checklist (Free Printable)

Monday Mailbag Q&A

I use Mondays to clear out my mailbox. This week I’m fulfilling a reader request for a bill payment checklist. Scroll down for this brand new free printable resource. It will help you get and keep your financial accounts in order.

Bill Payment Checklist

Question: Do you have a chart for tracking bills?

Hi, Jennifer.

I just found your web site, and it is wonderful. So much information for me to look over.

My problem is that I am a 79-yr-old lady whose husband is in a nursing home. That leaves me to learn and take care of all the bills and all the problems of the house. I am overwhelmed, for sure!

My husband did all that and never wanted to show me what to do. He wanted to be in control, so I let him. Now HERE I AM dealing with all this.

I was looking for a chart where I can list all my bills and when they are due and can also record when I paid it. Would you have a chart for that? I HAVE LOOKED FOR ONE AND CANT FIND ANY.



Answer: Yes, I do now!

Hi, Sally.

I am so sorry about the circumstances in which you find yourself. Although I didn’t have any such kind of bill payment checklist before, I think it’s a splendid idea. So I created one just for you:

Free Chart for Tracking Bills

But I’m also sharing it here in case others want to use it, too. I even printed out a copy for my husband. Like yours, he handles all our bills. Very seldom do I ever even concern myself with financial matters.

However, when this COVID pandemic hit, Doug started trying to brief me on what I’d need to know to keep the family financially afloat should anything happen to him. I wouldn’t say he’s necessarily worried about facing an untimely demise, but as an anesthesiologist, he’s at a higher risk of exposure, so he’s tried to prepare me for that possibility, just in case.

Anyway, when he starts talking bills and insurance and taxes and don’t forget about this or that, it makes my head spin a little. So giving him a place to record all those reminders seemed a smart thing to do. Then I can slip it into a file to be pulled out later, on an as-needed basis. Hopefully, that won’t be for many, many years yet. But it pays to be prepared. So thanks for sharing your experience and thereby giving me the motivation to do so.

Love and prayers,

PS. While we’re on the topic of finances, one of our sons told us Dave Ramsey is offering a two-week free trial to his Financial Peace training. This offer includes free access to his kids’ curriculum, too. And while we’re all still on lockdown with the COVID quarantine, two weeks should be plenty of time to finish all the lessons in both programs. So that’s a win-win!

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Bill Payment Checklist

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    1. Oops! Thanks for catching that, Abby. I posted it late last night and totally forgot to include a link to the printable PDF file. Sorry for the confusion! I’ve fixed it now, so print away! 🙂

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