Free Happy Birthday Pennant Banner

Free Happy Birthday Pennant Banner

Today I’m sharing another free printable — this one for a Happy Birthday Pennant Banner.

That’s because this is “birthday week” for our family. Yesterday was my youngest daughter’s birthday. Today is mine. And tomorrow is my husband’s. We are turning 10, 55, and 53, respectively.

It’s hard to fathom that my sweet little baby — the one who was born the day before I turned 45 — is in double digits already! But it’s true.

Our Birthday Girl

Thanks to the coronavirus quarantine, our birthdays have been even more laid back than usual this year. We stuck to our family tradition of letting the birthday girl pick the restaurant for dinner. But we had to content ourselves with getting our meal to go at the drive-thru window.

While we were taking turns placing our orders, some young friends texted. They had a surprise for Abby. Would it be okay to drop it by our house?

Our friends ended up meeting us in the parking lot of the restaurant. After parking their car a couple spaces over from our van, they hopped out and deposited their gifts in the parking space between us. Once they were safely back in their seats, Abby retrieved the packages and opened them as her friends watched through car windows.

Overall, it was a very nice birthday, despite social distancing rules.

I made the happy birthday banner for Abby’s birthday, then left it up for the next two birthdays, as well. So it’s doing triple duty, stung across the mantle in our dining room. (We had it on the fence just long enough to snap a few pictures. The clouds were threatening rain, so we took it back indoors after our photoshoot to keep it safe.)

Free Happy Birthday Pennant Banner

We’ve made many such banners through the years. Red, white, and blue ones for political fundraisers and Fourth of July parties. Pastels for Easter. Shades of green for St. Patrick’s Day. Earth tones for Thanksgiving. And countless other color combinations for more wedding showers than I can count.

But none of our other banners have ever gotten the mileage our birthday banner gets the third week of April.

If you’d like to print one to help celebrate birthdays at your house, just click on this link: Free Happy Birthday Pennant Banner

I recommend printing it in color ink on card stock. Then cut out each pennant, fold across the top, and tape them onto a long length of string or yarn. A paper cutter helps keep long edges straight, but a pair of scissors will do in a pinch.

Free Happy Birthday Pennant Banner

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