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Free Printable Greeting Cards for All Occasions

Free Printable All Occasion Greeting Cards
The second week of January has been set aside as “National Letter Writing Week.” And, to help you celebrate in style, today I’m sharing an assortment of free printable greeting cards. Use these all occasion cards to let your friends and family know you’re thinking about them.

I included a variety of designs, positioning them in matching pairs. That way, you can print just the styles and pages that best suit your personality.

You’ll find old-fashioned style note cards such as these:

Old Fashioned Notes

Or perhaps these more modern, whimsical styles would appeal to you:

More Modern Notes

Either way, you’ll get better results with these free printable greeting cards if you’ll use card stock to print your chosen design(s). I trim mine with a paper cutter to keep the edges straight, but a pair of sharp scissors and a steady hand will work in a pinch.

You’ll also need envelopes. You can either purchase a box of A-2 size envelopes from an office supply store or use this template to make your own:

Mother's Day Card - envelope

Why not surprise a friend or family member with a handwritten letter this week? Snail mail greetings brighten anyone’s day.

More Letter-Writing Inspiration

Want more inspiration and resources for celebrating “National Letter Writing Week?” Check out the following posts:

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Free printable Greeting Cards for All Occasions

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  1. What size envelope fits these cards? I have printed them and then realized I don’t have envelopes small enough to use them.
    HELP! Have a blessed day, Sharon

    1. That is a great question, Sharon. I totally forgot to mention that in the original post, but have gone back and included the information now. Thanks for the reminder to do so!

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