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Thanksgiving Scattergories: Count Your Blessings!

Thanksgiving Scattergories

Thanksgiving provides a perfect opportunity to count your blessings. And our Thanksgiving Scattergories printable provides a fun way to help you do exactly that.

But autumn is a season not only for counting blessings, but for sharing them as well. And what blessing begs to be shared more than the good news of the gospel?

That’s why we passed out trick-or-treat tracts along with over a thousand full-sized candy bars this year. As you can see in the pictures, costumed kids came by in droves to claim their candy.

Passing out candy and tracts to trick-or-treaters

Since we’re currently in the process of moving, we stationed a parent with candy at both residences. Doug took the new house. I stayed at the old one. By double-teaming it this way, we were able to meet our new neighbors without disappointing the old ones.

Passing out candy and tracts to trick-or-treaters

The traffic wasn’t quite as heavy at the new address as it has always been here on the main drag. So Doug only handed out candy to a couple hundred trick-or-treaters before driving back over to help distribute Snickers, Crunch, and Hershey bars to the hordes of super-heroes and Disney princesses lined up in our old driveway.

With Halloween behind us, my adult daughter called home tonight to ask what the family’s Thanksgiving plans are this year. To be honest, I’ve been so distracted with our move that I’ve not really thought that far ahead.

I did, however, make a couple of Thanksgiving printables earlier this year to share with you. So I’m thinking I’d better do that now, before I get busy and forget.

Of course, anytime is a great time to count your blessings. But it seems especially appropriate to do so in the month of November. This game challenges you to think of a different blessing for every letter of the alphabet. Can you do it? How quickly?

Count Your Blessings! Free printable Thanksgiving Scattergories from flandersfamily.info
[click on image to print]

I made one version of our Thanksgiving Scattergories in color and another in black and white. The latter will help you conserve printer ink. But it will still look colorful if you print on colored copy paper.

Count Your Blessings! Free printable Thanksgiving Scattergories from flandersfamily.info
[click on image to print]

You may not hear from me as regularly as usual this month. My goal is to be completely moved into our new home by Thanksgiving. Doing so will entail a lot of hard work. But our entire family will count it a huge blessing if we can pull it off!

In the meantime, if you’d like another great way to prepare your heart for Thanksgiving, pick up a copy of my new devotional journal, Count Your Blessings. It’s packed with promises, prayers, and writing prompts and will help hone that attitude of gratitude, not only in November, but all year long.

Count Your Blessing

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