Free Printable DO NOT DISTURB Signs

Who’d ever dream that I could have so many things in common with a celebrity like Kelly Ripa?

First, we both have the same son-to-daughter ratio: She has 2 boys to 1 girl. I have 8 to 4. Proportionally, that’s equivalent.

Flanders Family 2019

Second, each of us enjoys a decades-old marriage. She and her husband, Mark Consuelos, celebrated their 23rd wedding anniversary in May. Doug and I will celebrate our 32nd in August. Same digits, reverse order.

Flanders' 25th Anniversary

Third, we both have daughters whose 18th birthday fell on Father’s Day this year. Here’s wishing her Lola and my Rachel many happy returns!

Our Sweet Rachel

And fourth, Kelly was mortified when her newly-minted-adult daughter walked in unexpectedly last Sunday and caught Mom and Dad in the middle of an early morning celebration.

How to Avoid this Kind of Embarrassment

Unfortunately, that has happened at our house, too. Only, in our case, it was Christmas Eve morning (not Father’s Day), and our adult son interrupted the action. (To read the rest of that story — including the silver lining — visit my marriage blog Loving Life at Home).

Meanwhile, I’ve designed some free printable DO NOT DISTURB signs to keep what happened to Kelly Ripa from happening to you. Because locks sometimes fail (experience speaking).

And parents need privacy. This will (hopefully) be an ongoing need, no matter how many decades you’ve been married. These handy little door hangers will ensure your kids stay as far away from the master bedroom as they can get.

Free Printable DO NOT DISTURB Door Signs

Do Not Disturb Printables

For optimal results, pick the DO NOT DISTURB sign that best suits your personality, print it on card stock, laminate it, and use with unfailing frequency. Even younger children will learn that, when that sign is on the door, it means their parents need some time out.

And that “time out” is as important to your kids as it is to the health of your marriage. After all, one of the best things a father can do for his children is to love their mother. And vice versa.

Free Printable "Do Not Disturb" Signs for Parents

Free Printable "Do Not Disturb" Signs for Parents

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  1. I was very disappointed that I could not go to the download page. Either I’m doing something incorrectly or the link is not working. Help please.

    1. So sorry for the trouble the download link has given you. I emailed the files to you directly soon after receiving your message. Let me know if that never came through, and I’ll try to get them to you some other way.

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