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Glad Tidings Coloring Page (Free Printable)

Glad Tidings Coloring Page

“Fear not, for behold, I bring you glad tidings….” A Glad Tidings coloring page for Christmas, that is. 🙂

I’ve been in the mood to decorate for Christmas, but still have a garage full of boxes from our recent move that need to be unpacked. So I’ve been setting goals for myself. Unpack a certain number of boxes before I work on some other fun project. If this, then that.

This morning, I sorted and put away contents from five boxes before sitting down to blog. It’s Sunday, so I wanted to share another coloring page today, especially since I’ve missed doing so for a couple of weeks now. Sorry!

And since I’ve got Christmas on the brain, I thought I stick with that theme for this post, as well. Today’s coloring page features a woodcut illustration of a shepherd watching his flock.

It takes on almost a stained glass appearance when it is colored in. Here’s a picture of mine in progress:

Free Christmas-themed coloring pages from www.flandersfamily.info

I use Prismacolor pencils for coloring. I like them because they come in such a wide array of shades and are so easy to blend. Also, they don’t bleed through the way markers can, so they’re perfect for coloring books.

GLad Tidings

More to color

Want more Christian coloring pages? Follow this link to download any of the designs I’ve posted in the past: Free Printable Coloring Pages. Or, if you’d prefer a bound collection, check out my line of coloring books.

Color the Word Coloring Books by Jennifer Flanders

Today’s coloring page was taken from Joy to the World: A Devotional Journal for Christmas.

Joy to the World: A Devotional Journal for Advent

This was one of the first books I unpacked in our new house. I plan to work in my advent journal all month long, as a way of underscoring the real reason Christians celebrate this season.

Like the other journals in this series, Joy to the World contains scads of Scripture verses to ponder, vintage artwork to color, simple word studies to complete, Christmas carols to sing, and plenty of blank space for recalling memories, making lists, jotting down gift ideas, recording prayers, and tracking your progress as you purposefully center your thoughts on Christ this Christmas.

Joy to the World : A Devotional Journal for Advent

Glad Tidings Coloring Page

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