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Reindeer Poop Bag Toppers

Reindeer Poop Poem Bag Topper

Today I’m sharing something that is admittedly super silly: Just feast your eyes upon these free printable “Reindeer Poop” bag toppers. 😂

I have several of kids and grandkids who love Raisinets, so I slip a package of these sweeties in their Christmas stockings every year. The Raisinets provide a perfect visual for the “Reindeer Poop” poem on the back of the printable package topper:

Reindeer Poop

I awoke with a start when I heard Santa call,
“Now dash away, dash away, dash away all!”
And running outside, in the snowy white drifts,
I found that his reindeer had left “little gifts.”

So I grabbed an old shovel and started to scoop
And soon cleared away all their small mounds of poop.
But to throw it away seemed a terrible waste,
So I saved it, in case you might venture a taste.

As I finished my task — and it took quite a while —
Old Santa passed by, and he sheepishly smiled.
Then I heard him exclaim as he rose to the sky,
“Well, they’re not potty-trained, but at least they can fly!”

This poem is not original to me, although I did tweak it a little to make the meter more consistent. I have no idea who wrote it (if you happen to know, please shoot me a message so I can give credit where credit is due).

Reindeer Poop Printable

Reindeer Poop Printable

Supplies needed for making these “treat bags”

Reindeer Poop - More Supplies

Instructions for packaging “Reindeer Poop”

  1. Print out our “Reindeer Poop” bag toppers and cut copies apart using a paper trimmer or pair of scissors.
  2. Repackage Raisinets into smaller ziplock bags. I bought these 2″x3″ bags to use for this purpose, but snack-sized ziplocks could work, too. My Raisinet link points to a big bag on Amazon, but if you only need a couple of bags, I’d recommend buying the $1 box at Walmart.
  3. Fold the toppers roughly in half (make sure the entire poem is visible on the back) and staple to the top of your filled ziplock bags.
  4. Tuck the finished bags into children’s stockings or pass them out at school parties.

Not only do these make good stocking stuffers and classroom treats, but they’re also a fun item to sell at Christmas bazaars. A friend of mine sold a whole basket full at our homeschool co-op’s holiday bazaar several years ago for $1 a piece.

Reindeer Poop - Multiple Baggies

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Reindeer Poop Poem Bag Topper

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