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Famous Friends Quiz

Famous Friends Quiz

We’ve had so much fun playing our Famous Couples Matching Game at bridal showers and Valentine brunches that I decided to make a companion game in honor of National Friendship Month. That’s September! So challenge your friends and family to see who can finish our brand new Famous Friends Quiz the fastest.

Famous Friends Quiz

Some of these famous friends are historical figures. Others are literary characters. Still others are modern day celebrities.

Do you remember the name of Anne Shirley’s bosom buddy? Batman’s sidekick? Lucy Ricardo’s beloved neighbor? SpongeBob SquarePants faithful friend?

Then try your hand at the latest in our series of free printable trivia tests and see how well you do.

NOTE: The quizzes print two-per-sheet, so you’ll need to cut the paper lengthwise after printing. Also, the answer key is on page 2 of the same PDF, so make sure you don’t print more than one copy of that page. 🙂

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Famous Friends Quiz

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