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Nautical Terms Trivia Test

Nautical Terms Trivia Test

Last month our family cruised to the Caribbean along with one of our married sons (Samuel) and his family. We made some wonderful memories together, both onboard the ship and in various ports of call. But the fun didn’t end when we disembarked.

Caribbean Cruise

That’s because, unbeknownst to us, Samuel had been secretly collecting data the entire time for an Ultimate Cruise Quiz he challenged the rest of us to take once we got home.

Actually, it was two weeks after we got home. It took that long for Sam to finish making this elaborate exam. The final version of this 106-question test was 27 pages long, including three pages of references and a two-page table of contents — all cleverly crafted to conform consistently to carefully chosen criteria.

Cruise Quiz

If you love trivia quizzes as much as we do, you may want to try your hand at Samuel’s creation, just for fun. A few of the questions are specific to our family, but most are general, and I guarantee you’ll learn something new by taking it. Just click the following links to download: Full Length Cruise Quiz and Cruise Quiz Answer Key

If you don’t want to commit to a 27-page exam, I’ve still got you covered. I used Samuel’s quiz as inspiration for a little Nautical Terms Trivia Test of my own. It includes a few of Samuel’s original questions plus several of my own on the same theme, all bundled together in a one-page matching format.

Nautical Terms Trivia Test

Please note that the answer key for the shorter quiz is on page 2 in the same PDF as the nautical terms trivia test itself.

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Nautical Terms Trivia Test

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