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Texas Historical Flag Coloring Pages

Flags of Texas Coloring Pages

March 2 is Texas Independence Day. Freedom and independence is something Texans, like Americans in general, have traditionally valued and been willing to fight to preserve. These Texas historical flag coloring pages highlight this fact. I hope you’ll enjoy these free printables and will take time today to contemplate what a precious gift our liberty is. To relinquish it now would be a shame and disgrace to the heroes who fought so bravely to secure it for us.

We start with the 1824 tricolor flag, the flag that flew over the Alamo. It signified Texas’s willingness to remain loyal to Mexico as long as the government honored the Mexican Constitution of 1824. When Mexico refused to do this, Texas revolted.

Texas 1824 Flag

Next we have the famous “Come and Take It” Flag the citizens of Gonzales used to answer Mexico’s demand that they surrender their cannon. Texans have always placed a high value on gun ownership, recognizing the usefulness of firearms for self-defense and preservation of liberty.

Come and Take It Flag

The following “Liberty or Death” Flag was carried to Goliad by the Georgia Battalion, who came to aid in Texas’s fight for liberty. On the reverse side of the flag were printed the Latin words, “Ubi libertas habitat, ibi nostra patria est” (Where Liberty dwells, there is our fatherland).

Liberty or Death Flag

And last of all, we have the Lone Star Flag that still flies above our great state today.

Texas Lone Star Flag

To download all four of these Texas historical flag coloring pages, simply click on the download link below. And I hope you have a happy Texas Independence Day!

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