Knot So Fast: Another Fun Thinking Game from Timberdoodle

My kids love brain games. But our newest one — Knot So Fast — is like nothing we’ve ever tried before.

Knot So Fast
The game comes with a metal ring, a length of blue rope, and a spiral bound book with 40 knot-tying challenges.

Fun Thinking Game from Timberdoodle

Kids must simply follow the diagram to produce the knots illustrated.

Knot So Fast: Another Fun Thinking Game from Timberdoodle

The knots become progressively more difficult as you work your way through the book.

Another Fun Thinking Game from Timberdoodle

Not only does Knot So Fast hone one’s powers of observation, but it simultaneously teaches a useful skill.

Another Fun Thinking Game from Timberdoodle

Knot So Fast may be purchased through Timberdoodle individually or as part of their 10th Grade Curriculum Kit.

I was able to buy my set at a discount in exchange for this honest review. But the opinions expressed are entirely my own (with just a little input from my kids, who tell me that some of the knots they’re learning are more useful “in real life” than others).

Knot So Fast: Another Fun Thinking Game from Timberdoodle

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  1. Hi. What would be the age range for this knot game? Is there a timer or anything to sort of make it game-like as opposed to knot-learning alone? Thank you.

    1. Knot-So-Fast is recommended for ages 8 and up, but my 7-year old daughter (and my 52-year old self) also enjoy playing. It does not come with a timer, but that is a great idea and sounds like something my kids would love doing. I’d suggest using a timer (or, better yet, the stopwatch feature on your smartphone) and competing to see who can complete each knot (or maybe a series of specific knots, one after the other) in the shortest amount of time. Fun!

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