Aquarellum Animal Postcards Review

Aquarellum Painted Postcards

I’m back with another Timberdoodle review this week. This time, we tried out their Aquarellum Animal Postcards art set.

Art kit from Timberdoodle

The kit comes with everything needed to finish eight hand-painted postcards: cards, watercolors, palette, brush, and color-mixing instructions.

Aquarellum Animal Postcards

The postcards feature designs pre-preprinted in nonabsorbent ink. This ensures the finished projects will look good, no matter what the age or skill level of the artist.

Abby is just getten sr width=

Students can paint with fine strokes or broad, and the postcards look beautiful either way.

trying out hand at watercolor

My kids are all pretty detail-oriented, so their projects took a little longer than I anticipated. I suspect my youngish grandkids will finish theirs in a fraction of the time when I let them paint the remaining designs.

Aquarellum Painted Postcards

Another Timberdoodle art kit -- Fun!

Here’s a close-up view of the butterfly Gabriel painted. Don’t you love the incredible detail displayed here?

Close up of watercolor butterfly

All the whitish-gray areas of the design were present before he ever started painting. That’s how the design in originally drawn on the cards, and he couldn’t color it in even if he wanted to.

Gabriel with detailed watercolor butterfl

Which is how all the Aquarellum kits we’ve tried have worked. I think it’s a brilliant concept — reminiscent of Batik artwork I’ve seen in the past.

Aquarellum Painted Postcards

I especially like the Aquarellum Animal Postcards, though. The fact the kit contains eight projects in one makes it perfect for our large family.

Aquarellum Animal Postcards

And I appreciate the fact that there’s a practical use for the finished projects — jot a message on the reverse, add a stamp, and drop it in the mail. Who wouldn’t love to find one of these lovely treasures mixed in with all the bills and junk mail?

Finished watercolor artwork

Interested? Order your set of Aquarellum Animal Postcards through Timberdoodle today.

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