So Clover is So Clever! (Timberdoodle Review)

So Clover

I love word games, so I suspected So Clover would be right up my ally the first time I ever spotted it on Timberdoodle’s website. What I wasn’t expecting is how much my kids would enjoy playing this game with me — and how good even the younger ones would be at it!

So Clover Game

Easy to Understand

The concept is simple. You take five word cards, arrange four of them on your clover board however you like, then write a clue to connect each pair of words together at the top of the corresponding clover leaf.


As many as six people can play at once, but each person decides independently how to arrange his cards on the clover and what clues to write.

Fun Game

No fair peeking at your neighbor’s clover until the next phase of play!


Some of my kids propped folded paper walls in front of them to screen their clover from the view of other players.

So Clover

Once all players have decided on their key words, they remove the four word cards from the clover, add a fifth card to the stack, then take turns letting the other players try to recreate their original arrangement using the clues written on the clover leaves.

Abby's Clover

I got so focused on trying to solve other players’ clovers that I completely forgot to take photos of that phase of the game. But needless to say, it was a lot of fun.


Now we’re addicted!

We’d planned to play just a round or two last Friday night then watch a movie together as a family. But we ended up having so much fun with this clever game that we opted to skip the movie entirely and just keep playing.

Game Play

Matching the cards to the clues was not as difficult as you might expect… until my 18-year-old decided to write down four random words that had nothing to do with anything. That had him laughing uproariously as we scratched our heads puzzling over nonexistent connections, until he finally confessed to what he’d done. Ha!

Game Board

Nevertheless, we all enjoyed the game. And I was pleased to see that, when some more of our grown kids came to visit a few days later, the ones at home got So Clover out again and taught their older siblings how to play.


Get your own copy of So Clover

Want to try your hand at So Clover with your family and/or friends? You can purchase it through Timberdoodle individually or as part of their 2022 11th Grade Curriculum Kit.

So Clover

While you’re on the Timberdoodle website, I’d encourage you to look around. We love everything we’ve ever ordered from this small family-owned company!

Be sure to sign up for their Doodle Dollar program to save on future purchases. And to read more of my Timberdoodle Reviews, follow this link.

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PLEASE NOTE: As a member of the Timberdoodle blog team, I routinely receive free or deeply discounted products in exchange for writing honest reviews. Opinions expressed in these posts are 100% my own. I’ve been a happy and enthusiastic Timberdoodle customer for decades — long before I ever started blogging for their company.

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