Fairy Tale Word Scramble

Fairy Tale Word Scramble Game

Since October is German Heritage Month, and since our family has a fair amount of German blood in our ancestry, I thought it would be fun to share a few German-themed resources with you over the next couple of week’s, beginning with our brand new Fairy Tale Word Scramble Game.

All the titles in this word scramble come from stories collected by Jakob and Wilhelm Grimm. These brothers were famous linguists and lexicographers who traveled the German countryside during the nineteenth century gathering folk lore and fairy tales, then they later published the results of their research in a collection of stories that are still told and enjoyed today.

Some of the stories mentioned in the word scramble below will be very familiar. Other tales are lesser known. Set a timer and see how fast you can decipher the mixed-up titles, such as:

  1. Pearlzun
  2. Mot Humbt
  3. Der Gindir Doho
  4. Leaderlinc
  5. Het Sleev & Hte Mashrokee

Fairy Tale Word Scramble Game

Don’t let the capital letters fool you. I just put those in to make it more challenging. I’ve included the answer key on a separate PDF, but no peeking until you’ve given it the good college try!

Incidentally, if you like word scrambles, you’ll find more of them here: Free Printable Word Scrambles. We like to print several copies and race to see who can finish first!

Fairy Tale Word Scramble Game

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