Consent of the Governed Coloring Page

Consent of Governed Coloring Page

Today is Thomas Jefferson’s birthday. To celebrate, I’m publishing another great quote from our third president. So I hope you’ll enjoy completing our new Consent of Governed Coloring Page.

Consent of Governed Coloring Page

Jefferson rightly declared, “Man is not made for the State but the State for man, and it derives its just powers only from the consent of the governed.”

The converse is also true: If the government forces policies apart from the governed’s consent, it has failed to exercise its powers in a just way. In which case, the governed would do well do vote those in office out of power ASAP!

Consent of Governed Coloring Page

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Or maybe you’d prefer a bound volume. If so, check out my devotional journals. The one in the center of the lineup below, God Bless America, was made just for patriotic citizens like you.

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Packed with inspiring thoughts from our founding fathers and other great Americans, this journal will inspire you to think deeply about what it means to be a citizen of this great country. What is our responsibility to the rest of the world? How do we ensure the guiding principles on which our nation was established are never forgotten? Consider how you feel about these matters and use the space provided to write down your thoughts.

God Bless America

Consent of Governed Coloring Page

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