Jungle Friends String Art (Timberdoodle Review)

Jungle Friends String Art

Abby had a few friends over for an afternoon of crafting last week. It seemed the perfect time to crack open the Jungle Friends String Art Kit Timberdoodle sent me to review for their new catalog. The kit comes with everything needed to complete four string art pictures.

Kit Contents

The box claims this activity is good for ages 4 and up. But our group of “artists” ranged in age from 6 to 12.

Jungle Friends String Art

As you can see in the pictures, they all thoroughly enjoyed it. But the project was enough of a challenge for the six-year-old, I’m thinking kids any younger than that might require some help from Mom.

Jungle Friends String Art

One word of advice if you decide to try this kit: Cut the yarn to manageable lengths before beginning to sew. If you leave it too long, it is more likely to tangle. And even if it doesn’t, it requires a lot of time to pull lengthy pieces through the holes.

Jungle Friends String Art

The kit includes complete instructions, but not many photos. Only one of the four patterns is shown as a completed project — which means kids will have to use their imagination when deciding how to criss-cross the yarn across the lacing boards.

craft time with friends

That’s probably for the best, as I have a few kids who would’ve tried too hard to complete the project exactly like the example had such an illustration been provided.

Lacing Cards

What I like most about our Jungle Friends String Art Kit:

There is much to like about this kit. I appreciate the fact the Jungle Friends String Art boards are so sturdy. They easily withstood all the enthusiastic tugging of yarn through the holes. The holes didn’t tear or pucker in anyway and the boards didn’t crease or bend.

Jungle Friends String Art

There was also sufficient yarn to finish all four projects with plenty to spare. The kit includes clear stickers for anchoring the end of the yarn to the back of the picture, so you don’t have to worry about tying knots or having them pop through the holes if you pull too hard.

Jungle Friends String Art

We loved the cute designs and the bright colors, as well. Tie a length of yarn through the holes at the top of the board for hanging.

Adding Glitter Stickers

As a finishing touch, each picture included glitter stickers to embellish the scenes. The tiger got strips, the monkey hands and feet, the alligator eyes and nostrils.

Jungle Friends String Art

Didn’t these pictures turn out cute enough to hang on the wall? This Jungle Friends String Art Kit is available through Timberdoodle. You may order it as a stand-alone product or as part of their 2021 Pre-K Curriculum Kit.

Finished Artwork

Either way, make sure you sign up for Timberdoodle’s Doodle Dollar Reward Program before placing your order. It’s fast, easy, and FREE, and will save you money on future purchases.

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