Horse Academy Smart Game Review

Horse Academy Game Box

One of the things that first drew me to Timberdoodle 30+ years ago was their fantastic selection of resources meant to foster critical thinking. And the company continues to surprise and delight me today with products like the new Horse Academy Smart Game we’re reviewing this week.

Horse Academy

The puzzle comes with a gameboard, ten course pieces with different colored obstacles to jump over, a horse and rider, a finish line, and a spiral bound instruction booklet — all packaged in a sturdy storage box.

Beginner Level Puzzle

Abby claimed the privilege of trying to solve this puzzle first. The booklet contains 80 different challenges that grow progressively harder as you go.

Abby tries out Horse Academy

The first puzzles in the book were pretty simple and took almost no time to solve. Abby solved two or three of them in rapid succession.

Challenges Get Progressively Harder

Then she flipped over a few pages to try the puzzles in a more advanced section.

Great Way to Develop Critical Thinking

Those required some significant head scratching and several attempts before she got them right.

One person thinking game

By this time, several other family members (including Mom) were itching to get their hands on the game. So Abby had to step aside before she made it to the expert level.

Harder Challenges

The game is designed for ages 7 and up, which seems about right. We’ve tried it on ages 12-57 so far, and everybody’s enjoyed it.

Horse Academy

Abby waited patiently for another go at it. She never seemed worried that the rest of us might get ahead. I guess she knows that, even if a brother or parent beats her to the finish line by completing every challenge in the book, she’ll maintain the bragging rights for having done it at the youngest age (just one more benefit of being the baby in the family).

Horse Academy

If you’re interested in trying out the Horse Academy Smart Game with your own little herd, trot on over to the Timberdoodle website. You can purchase the game individually or as part of their 2022 Third Grade Curriculum Kit.

While you’re on the Timberdoodle website, I’d encourage you to look around. We love everything we’ve ever ordered from this small family-owned company!

Be sure to sign up for their Doodle Dollar program to save on future purchases. And to read more of my Timberdoodle Reviews, follow this link.

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PLEASE NOTE: As a member of the Timberdoodle blog team, I routinely receive free or deeply discounted products in exchange for writing honest reviews. Opinions expressed in these posts are 100% my own. I’ve been a happy and enthusiastic Timberdoodle customer for decades — long before I ever started blogging for their company.

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