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Exploring the Bible: Training Kids to Dig Deeper

Bible Reading Plan for Kids

Want to encourage your child to develop a consistent daily quiet time? Want to help him broaden his Bible study skills? Do you long for her to discover how rewarding daily spending time in God’s Word can be? Exploring the Bible is a great place to start.

Great book for training kids to have consistent quiet times

Timberdoodle sent me a review copy of this title recently. And I was impressed by the way author David Murray lays out this 52-week study and ties it all together.

Exploring the Bible

Beginning in Genesis and continuing through the book of Revelation, the book provides daily Bible readings and discussion questions. It allots enough space for brief answers to all, as well as for weekly prayer requests and sermon notes.

Exploring the Bible

Designed for ages 6-12, Exploring the Bible is suitable for either sex. I plan to order two more copies, so my youngest three can work through it together.

Although it will take a full year to complete, the lessons are not dated, so kids can begin any time. No need to wait for January! And if they miss a week here or there, they can simply pick up where they left off.

wonderful resource for encouraging kids' quiet times

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Exploring the Bible

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