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Bible Prophecy Coloring Page: Reading God’s Word

Bible Prophecy Coloring Page

This Bible Prophecy Coloring Page highlights the wonderful gift God has given us in His Holy Word.

Bible Prophecy Coloring Page

God’s Word is inspired, infallible, inerrant. And it will not return to Him void, but will accomplish the divine purpose for which He sent it out. (Isaiah 55:11)

Part of that purpose is our training and edification (2 Timothy 3:16). But, of course, that training can happen much more effectively when we spend time reading God’s Word consistently.

Bible Prophecy Coloring Page

One of my favorite methods for reading through the Bible, cover to cover, is using this One-Year Bible reading plan. I like the fact it allows you to read through so many books at once. Epistles on Sundays. The Law on Mondays. History on Tuesdays. Psalms on Wednesdays, etc. That way, you don’t get bogged down in Deuteronomy and Leviticus for weeks at a time.

You can read the daily scriptures online (they’ll even email you the daily readings directly). Or, if you prefer to read a hard copy of the Bible, you can print these bookmarks to help keep up with which passage to read when.

More to Color

I’ve been working on translating all my coloring pages into Spanish, as well. Here’s this week’s:

Free printable scripture-based coloring pages -- in Spanish!  from www.flandersfamily.info

If you like coloring, then come back next Sunday — I post a new coloring page every week — or browse all the pages I’ve published in the past by following this link: Free Christian Coloring Pages.

In the meantime, take a look at my devotional journals. At over 200 pages a piece, they are packed with writing prompts, coloring pages, word studies, and lots and lots of Bible verses. Read more about them here.

Devotional Journals x 12 Lineup

Or — if you’d prefer to skip the journaling exercises — check out my Scripture-based coloring books. Although these were designed specifically for grown-ups, they are good for all ages.

Color the Word Coloring Books by Jennifer Flanders

Bible Prophecy Coloring Page

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