Praise for Our Devotional Journals

Praise for Our Devotional Journals

Praise for Our Devotional Journals

I’ve had such fun creating these devotional journals! With ten titles currently available and more in the works, there’s one to suit just about any personality.

These creative books include journaling prompts, word studies, vintage artwork to color, and lots of scripture on each and every page.

What readers are saying about our devotional journals:

  • “In our fast paced world of smartphones and other electronic devices I think that this is just the kind of book that young girls need.”
    – Sheila
  • “I LOVE this devotional journal… The ‘anytime’ pages and prompts aren’t dated, allowing the owner to write whenever she is so inspired. She can begin on page four or page six, or page forty-six. It doesn’t matter.”
    – Cheryl
  • “[These books] make journaling a fun and thought provoking process girls can get into. I really enjoyed the old fashioned feel to the journal. It is almost as if they are writing in an antique diary. I highly recommend this to anyone who has girls ages 8 and up (in my opinion).”
    – Rachel D.
  • “I love that it fits both of [my daughters’] very different personalities. They can write it, map it, color it, or just doodle if they would like.”
    – Lana W.
  • “I already know I will have to purchase a few more. 🙂 Once one girl receives it, the others will hope to have their own!”
    – M. Scales
  • “[Flanders] uses old-fashioned charm instead of the modern colorful and flashy media. It is a reminder that we can indeed put pen to paper and make a lasting impact for future generations.”
    – Marjo V.
  • “[These titles] take the best of this new journaling craze and packs it into a fun, creative quiet time experience for kids! [It’s] a great way to get your daughter interested in studying the Word without it seeming like just another “homework assignment.”
    – Rebekka

How to Use our Devotional Journals

I designed the journals to get readers thinking. Meditating on the Word of God. Applying it to their daily life. Reflecting on His faithfulness to all generations.

Unlike dated diaries, where if you miss a day you feel behind, these books are intended to be “anytime journals.” You don’t have to complete the pages in any particular order. You can hop around and do whichever page appeals to you at the time. Take as long as you need to work through it, whether that means a matter of months or even years.

There’s no right or wrong way to complete the entries. You may use these pages to record thoughts, compose poetry, set goals. To write prayers, paste photographs, paint pictures, draw sketches. To make lists, tape mementos. Or you can do a combination of any or all of the above.

Titles Currently Available:

For more information or to peek inside the covers, just click on any of the following (affiliate) links.

Devotional Journals by Jennifer Flanders

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