Winter Weather Word Scramble

Winter Weather Word Scramble

Brrrr! East Texas got another cold snap today, making this the perfect time to share my new Winter Weather Word Scramble.

Last week, we were painting our fence in shorts and T-shirts. This week need coats, scarfs, and mittens to keep from freezing while crossing the street for school. Our co-op even dismissed everyone an hour early today so we could all make it home before the roads froze over.

Winter Weather Word Scramble

Just like all the word scrambles I’ve published in the past, the mixed-up words in this free printable center around a common theme. In this case, they all have something to do with winter. You’ll find words such as…

  • Wons Firdt
  • Yhave Taco
  • Lizardzb
  • Storf
  • Glensidd

Here’s a tip: Don’t let the capital letters throw you. I just added those in to make the game more challenging. [It worked, don’t you think?]

Print out copies, set a timer, and challenge family and friends to see who can unscramble the most words before the buzzer sounds. You’ll find the answer key on page two of the PDF. No fair peeking until you’ve given all the words your best shot. 😊

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Winter Weather Word Scramble

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