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WOW: Serve One Another

It’s time for another Word on Wednesday post. This week, our verse is Galatians 5:13 on serving one another:

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Yesterday was my birthday. I turned fifty. That’s 5-0.

And one of my precious daughters made me a very special surprise for my birthday — a deck of fifty cards, each with something she loves about me printed on it.

Mom's Birthday

Isn’t that sweet?

She told me it took over three hours to put it all together. I’m hoping that’s just because she had to use 3-4 layers of paint to cover the middle section of the cards, and not because she was stumped for what to write. Ha!

Fifty things I love about you...

As I read through the cards, I was struck by how many of them involved action words rather than states of being.

Sure, there were a few “You’re beautiful,” “You’re patient,” “You’re creative,” but most of the things she loves about me revolve around things I do or have done:

  • You carried me nine months
  • You nursed me (at least, you tried)
  • You changed my many diapers
  • You sang me lullabies
  • You laugh at my jokes
  • You care for me when I’m sick
  • You make great scrapbooks
  • You read to us
  • You cut our hair
  • You let me use your camera (even after I broke the lens)
  • You taught me how to drive
  • You let me cook (and ate what I made even when it was bad)
  • You encourage me

I think the reason she loves all these things is because these are the things that most clearly communicate my love for her.

The Bible tells us Jesus “came not to be served, but to serve…” (Mark 10:45) And He expects us to follow His example.

Because that’s what love does: It serves.

I’m not the only one getting older. My children are getting older, too. My youngest turned five the day before I turned fifty.

My children don’t need me to change their diapers or bathe or breastfeed them these days. My little ones aren’t so little anymore. I am seldom called upon to kiss their boo boos or tie their shoes or rock them to sleep.

But they still need my love. And that love is still best communicated by what I do:

  • By preparing nutritious, delicious meals
  • By listening when they want to talk
  • By praying for them daily
  • By maintaining attitudes worth emulating
  • By offering a helping hand when needed
  • By speaking words of encouragement
  • By remaining patient, even when frustrated
  • By offering wise counsel
  • By trusting them to make good decisions
  • By pointing them to Jesus
  • By showing them what it means to follow Him

So that’s my goal going forward: To follow Christ’s example of serving others humbly and in love (and to do it so faithfully and consistently that my children won’t have to rack their brains to come up with ways they’ve seen me succeed).

Which brings us to this week’s memory verse:

“You, my brothers and sisters, were called to be free. But do not use your freedom to indulge the flesh; rather, serve one another humbly in love.” (Galatians 5:13)

This verse can be found in our second set of Scripture Memory Flashcards:

Free printable scripture memory flashcards from www.flandersfamily.info
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And for extra practice, I’ve made more handwriting printables, as well:

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Plus, in case you missed them, here are links to the first set of flashcards and practice sheets, too:

May God honor your efforts to hide His Word in your heart — and to follow Christ’s example of humble service!

Food for thought: Of all the things you do to serve others, what do you think is most appreciated? What areas need improvement? Tell me about them in the comment section below and/or discuss it with your family around the dinner table.

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