Prodigy Project: Read Something Extraordinary this Summer

Summer Reading!!
School’s out. Summer’s here. And with it comes the opportunity to ramp up our pleasure reading.

Our kids love summer, because it means they can pick what they read, read to their heart’s content, and get rewarded for doing so. (For a current list of companies that offer reading rewards, check out this post: Reading Rewards Programs)

Each child already has a sizable stack of new titles on their nightstands they’re planning to read in the coming weeks. But ss a family, we’ve been re-reading several old favorites, such as Lloyd Alexander’s Chronicles of Prydain, Laura Ingalls Wilder’s Little House books, and C.S. Lewis’s Chronicles of Narnia.

Chances are, you are already familiar with all those series, but another book we’ve recently revisited will likely be new to you: The Prodigy Project.

Read something extraordinary this summer - The Prodigy Project

A Brief Synopsis

The Prodigy Project is an action/adventure novel my husband wrote several years ago. The first time he read it aloud to our family, we were actively editing the final manuscript. So it was more of a proofreading situation than a pleasure reading experience.

The story centers on two young prodigies whose “medical research” is being mis-used. They’ve been working tirelessly to cure disease, but have unwittingly shown their sponsors how to cause it.

Once they discover their life’s work is the lynchpin of a deadly new bio-weapon, they’re appalled. Desperately, they seek outside help to destroy it and to flee China. Help comes in the unlikely guise of Jon Gunderson.

Gunderson is a doctor, bio-weapons expert, and devoted family man. Unbeknownst to his wife and nine children, he’s also a spy. Oblivious to all that, the family accompanies him on (yet another) assignment, where Jon’s secret work finally comes to light. Fast-paced and action-packed, The Prodigy Project will captivate readers of all ages.

Doug finished reading it aloud to us again this spring. As he read, I marveled at what an extraordinary tale it is.

Sure, I’m a little biased. But my husband is a wonderful writer. And I’d love for more people to discover his work.

To that end, I give you:

6 Reasons to Read The Prodigy Project

  1. Smut-free action

    Many books in the action/adventure genre, although riveting, contain so much sex and language that you’d be embarrassed to read them aloud to your family. Not so, this one.

  2. Unconventional premise

    Think James Bond meets Cheaper by the Dozen: Not only is Jon Gunderson a military doctor and devoted family man, but he’s also a spy. And now his unsuspecting wife and children have unwittingly accompanied him on a fateful mission that will change their lives forever.

  3. Stable family

    In an age where dysfunctional relationships are glamorized and celebrated in movies, books, and television alike, it is refreshing to read a story like this one. The Gundersons love one another deeply. What’s more, they willingly set aside their differences to face their trials as a team.

  4. Cutting-edge technologies

    When my husband first wrote this book six years ago, many of the technological concepts he references were purely theoretical. I’m amazed at how many of those ideas are now being actively developed and utilized. (It’s a little scary!)

  5. Layman’s language

    My husband has always been able to break down difficult concepts and explain them in terms anyone can understand. That’s one of his greatest strengths. The fact that he does this throughout his book makes it accessible to a much broader audience.

  6. Moral foundation

    You’ll find a lot of commonsense and wisdom in The Prodigy Project. Doug wove into the storyline in subtle ways that provide food for thought without sounding “preachy.”

All that is to say… if you are looking for something different to read this summer, I heartily recommend The Prodigy Project. Take it to the beach. Enjoy in the mountains. Or read aloud in your family room at home. It’s available both in print and digital versions.

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