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  1. Ive decided the support for 2000 Mules is enough, you just lost me. So sad to see you had to go there.

    1. I’m sorry to see you go, Lori. You are certainly entitled to your opinion, but election integrity is a concern both sides of the aisle should share. Have you watched 2000 Mules yourself, start to finish? If not, I would urge you to do so before completely writing off the evidence presented therein. If you still think it’s a bunch of hooey after viewing it yourself, so be it. But you shouldn’t pass that judgement sight unseen.

  2. I’m trying to find a place for a musical: my family loves musicals: but I want to try to find one that is Biblical. Have any suggestions?

    1. Check out Sight and Sound Theaters’ musical productions, Melissa. There is one in Branson, Missouri, and another in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. We’ve only visited the Branson location (so far) but have been thrilled with every show we’ve seen there. If you can view them live, I would highly recommend doing that. We saw the stage productions of Moses, Sampson, and Jesus on past visits. You can also watch online, though, or buy a DVD of a live performance. They’re excellent.

      1. Thank you for the tip! I am definitely going to check into this. My daughter’s 13th birthday is coming up in a few weeks, and I am wanting to do something special to celebrate her first teen day! This might be just it. I am assuming you have to buy tickets right? If so, how much are they?

        1. Yes, you can purchase tickets through their website. I don’t know the cost. It may depend on where you sit in the theater. I honestly don’t remember what we paid for ours.

    1. You’re most welcome, Rose. I’m glad you’ve found them useful. Thanks for all the good work you do, too. I had to take speech therapy when I was a child, and a couple of my boys had to have it, too.

      I’ve even posted a couple of the resources I made for practicing difficult speech sounds with my kids several years back. Check out Fishing for F Sounds and My Tat has a Toffee Tup.

      The ability to speak clearly and be understood by others is a gift those who’ve never struggled with such issues sometimes take for granted, but I will be eternally grateful for all help our family has received from folks like you. Blessings!

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