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Gospel Tracts for Thanksgiving

Gospel Tracts for Thanksgiving

I normally set aside Mondays for responding to readers’ questions and requests, but I’m too excited about this one to wait. I received a message yesterday morning from Kristin asking whether we offered any free printable gospel tracts for Thanksgiving. She was looking for some she could print and place in food boxes she helps distribute in her community this time of year.

The answer to her inquiry? We didn’t have any Thanksgiving-themed tracts before, but we do now! And we appreciate Kristin for giving us the inspiration to create them. I came up with four different designs, so take your pick.

The pdfs print only black ink. So if you want brightly-colored tracts like the ones pictured below, be sure to use colored copy paper or card stock. Also, the designs print four-per-sheet, so you’ll need to cut them apart (I use a paper cutter for clean lines) and fold each tract in half before using.

Thanksgiving Tract #1: Bountiful Blessings

We need to give thanks for God’s bountiful blessings. Among them: life, love, hope, peace, and salvation. This tract backs up each of these blessings with well-chosen Bible verses.

Bountiful Blessings (Thanksgiving Tract)

Bountiful Blessings (inside view)

Thanksgiving Tract #2: Enter His Gates

The Bible commands us to “Enter into His gates with Thanksgiving,” but where is the gate? And how do we get through? This tract answers those questions.

Enter His Gates (Thanksgiving Tract)

Enter His Gates (inside view)

Thanksgiving Tract #3: Count Your Blessings

Even folks with few material possessions can, when they look, find plenty to be thankful for. And those who believe can also be certain that God will supply all their needs “according to His riches in glory in Christ Jesus.”

Count Your Blessings (Thanksgiving Tract)

Count your Blessings (inside view)

Thanksgiving Tract #4: Make a Joyful Noise

The text for this tract comes straight out of Psalm 100. It’s a great Psalm to commit to memory! We should meditate upon, not only during the month of November, but all year long.

Make a Joyful Noise (Thanksgiving Tract)

Make a Joyful Noise (inside view)

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For more free Thankgiving-themed printables, follow this link: The Ultimate Collection of Thanksgiving Printables. There you’ll find downloadable trivia tests, conversation starters, coloring pages, and activity sheets, plus links to some of our family’s favorite holiday recipes.

Ultimate Collection of Thanksgiving Printables

For a more personal way to cultivate an attitude of gratitude, not only in November but all year long, check out Count Your Blessings, one of twelve titles in my growing collection of devotional journals.

Count Your Blessings

Count Your Blessing

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    1. I appreciate your kind encouragement, Dominic. Our world needs Jesus. He is our only hope, so I am happy to point others to Him in every way I can. Thanks for downloading our tracts and spreading the good news along with us!

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