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Simple Christmas Bucket List: Name 5 Things

Simplified Christmas Bucket List

Are you looking for ways to make the Christmas season less hectic? Do lengthy to-do lists overwhelm you? Then use our simplified Christmas bucket list to plan a holiday that is memorable and meaningful to YOU.

Flanders family backpacks Europe

Since one of our sons (along with his wife and daughter) moved to Germany last summer, we decided to fly over for a visit during the Christmas holidays.

We used our frequent flyer miles to get free tickets to Europe (again), flew into London last week and will fly out of Rome next week. We’ll hit 17 cities and 7 countries in 18 days (to view a photo journal of our trip, follow along on Instagram#flandersfamilybackpackseurope)

We’re making lots of great memories over here, but it means we’re missing out on some of the fun things we traditionally do at home this time of year. We’ll be out of town for most of the concerts and parties and community activities and many of the other things listed on our Christmas Countdown Calendar.

To make sure we squeeze in those things that are most meaningful to our kids once we return, I’ve asked them to each list 5 things they don’t want to miss — things it won’t seem like Christmas without.

Simplified Christmas Bucket List
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If you have a particularly hectic holiday season ahead or find yourself feeling overwhelmed when you see those lengthy Christmas bucket lists on Pinterest, take a break and simplify. You don’t have to do it all.

For a simplified Christmas bucket list, pick 3 to 5 activities that are particularly meaningful to your family and focus on doing just those few. You can use this printable or simply pass out a blank piece of paper to your family members to get their input. You’ll likely see some overlap between their lists.

Start with whatever activities got the most “votes” and go from there, then try to fulfill at least one request from each list. Or compile the most popular entries into one Simple Christmas Bucket List for the whole family.

A Simple Way to Stay Mindful of the Reason for thia Season

Incidentally, if you’re looking for a great way to focus your heart on Christ during this advent season, I’d love for you to check out my new devotional journal, Joy to the World. It will help you do exactly that.

Joy to the World: A Devotional Journal for Advent by Jennifer Flanders

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Simplified Christmas Bucket List

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