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Silent Night Coloring Page

Silent Night Coloring Page

I’m posting this Silent Night coloring page from Salzburg, Austria. I’m just a few miles down the road from where the beloved Christmas carol “Stille Nacht” (better known to Americans as “Silent Night”) was penned almost 200 years ago.

Free Coloring Pages: Silent Night, Holy Night

It has been snowing here, almost since we arrived, which makes for some picturesque views, albeit frigid sightseeing.

Free Coloring Pages: Silent Night, Holy Night

Snow has a way of making everything seem silent and still, even when there’s a lot of activity going on. It somehow cushions or absorbs the sound, so things seem quieter than they normally would.

Free Coloring Pages: Silent Night, Holy Night

Perhaps something like that was going on the night Jesus was born, because the biblical account makes it sound anything but still and quiet. Holy, yes. But with choirs of angels announcing the news and shepherds and wise men coming to admire the baby, silent is not the first word that springs to mind.

Still, it’s a beautiful carol — both in English and in German — about a wondrous event, and so it seemed a fitting theme for this week’s coloring page.

Christmas | Coloring Pages | Free Printables

I pray that even amid all the hustle bustle that’s come to be associated with this time of year, your heart will remain still and calm as you contemplate the birth of our Lord and Savior on that silent, holy night so many years ago.

Silent Night Coloring Page

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A devotional journal for advent, Joy to the World underscores the real reason Christians celebrate this season. The pages are packed with Scripture verses to ponder, beautiful vintage artwork to color, simple word studies to complete, and Christmas carols to sing. Plus, you’ll find plenty of blank space for recalling memories, making lists, jotting down gift ideas, recording prayers, and tracking your progress as you purposefully center your thoughts on Christ this Christmas.

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Silent Night Coloring Page

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  1. What a beautiful resource to parents and families! Thank you for offering such an incredible tool to enjoy the holidays! Every blessing to you!

    1. You’re so welcome, Katheryn. I appreciate your kind and encouraging words. Blessings to you and your sweet family, too!

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