No More Tears Coloring Page

No More Tears Coloring Page

This weekend didn’t go quite the way we thought it would. We ended up spending about ten hours in the emergency room with this poor boy.

No more tears...

Nobody had to tell us Daniel’s arm was broken. That much was obvious. But the X-rays gave us a better idea as to the extent of the damages.

No more tears...

God Goes Before Us

Good news is, the growth plates weren’t involved. Bad news is, he had to have surgery to reduce the fracture. So the folks at the urgent care clinic just put the arm in a temporary splint and sent us over to the main hospital.

Daniel's Broken Arm

Interestingly, Doug was originally scheduled to take Saturday call at this hospital. But he had traded out of it the day before. So the partner who was covering for him came in to provide anesthesia for the surgery.

Daniel's Broken Arm

Daniel had just finished lunch an hour before the injury. Therefore, we had to wait another seven for the food to clear his stomach before they could wheel him back to the operating room. His brother brought the nephews by to keep him company while we waited. They took turns coming in to cheer Daniel up, although Dan didn’t feel up to playing a game of slaps, like Sawyer suggested. Ha!

Daniel's Broken Arm

Once the waiting time was up, things really started hopping. They started an IV, gave Daniel some more medicine, and carted him to the surgical suite.

Daniel's Broken Arm

Next time we saw him, he had a straight arm and a happy grin — which probably had something to do with all the morphine on board. No more crying or pain!

Daniel's Broken Arm

And that’s the theme of this week’s No More Tears coloring page. God promises that in Heaven, He’ll wipe every tear from our eye. There’ll be no more death or mourning or crying or pain. And this happy state will last forever and ever — no morphine necessary.

No More Tears Coloring Page

I posted a couple of photos on social media requesting prayer for our sweet boy. It hurts a mama’s heart to see her child in so much pain.

Thankful for Continued Prayers

We appreciate all our friends lifting Daniel up before the Lord. Since a couple of them asked how the arm got broken in the first place, Daniel drew a picture (left-handed) this morning to explain. The stick figure in the middle is him, trying to take two rungs at a time on the monkey-bars, but missing.

Daniel's Broken Arm

And if that sketch isn’t enough to give you a detailed mental image of the accident, Daniel’s brother Isaac used some Lego mini-figures to tell the same story.

No More Tears Coloring Page

As you might imagine, with eight extremely active boys, we’ve had our fair share of fractures over the years. This mishap brings our total to 11 broken bones since first starting our family. Unless you count parents, too, in which case a fractured wrist and three busted ribs for Dad plus three broken toes (all separate accidents) for Mom bring the tally to 18.

Our daughters are fairly active, too, but none them have ever broken any bones. Stitches, however, are another story. We’ve had at least 40 or 50 of those — I’ve completely lost count!

More to Color

At any rate, we hope you all have a blessed, trauma-free week! If you like to color, come back again next Sunday for another free printable coloring page. Or look here to download any of the designs I’ve published in the past: Free Christian Coloring Pages

If you’d prefer a bound collection, check out my Color the Word series. I designed these richly-detailed, Scripture-based coloring books with grown-ups in mind. But they can be enjoyed by all ages. They’re even available in Spanish!

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If you like to write as well as color, then you’ll also enjoy my collection of devotional journals. With 12 titles in the series, there is something here for everyone.

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No More Tears Coloring Page

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  1. Oh my! Poor baby! I hope he recovers quickly! How did his siblings handle it? I’m sorry you had to go through that Dan! I’m sure it wasn’t your first choice having surgery. But you did a great job being brave!

    My daughter can relate to this. 7 years ago, when my daughter was 11, we were on vacation and we took a hike in a really rocky, bumpy area. She was walking when all of a sudden, something caught her eye and she tripped over a rock and her left arm hit a rock and she broke it. We took her to urgent care because she said she couldn’t move it, but it didn’t look different, so once we got there and she had an X-Ray done, they confirmed a half an inch fracture in the bone. She was in a cast and sling for 8 weeks. And here we stand!

    1. His siblings were all very supportive and sympathetic. But it did cause them to be a little more careful when playing at the playground and not take unnecessary risks, so perhaps their brother’s injury spared our family more broken bones in the future. God only knows!

      Sorry about your daughter’s injury, but glad it’s in the past now. I’ll bet that put a damper on your vacation — especially for her, poor thing!

      1. Yes, it did put a damper on our vacation, and we had only been On vacation for a day and a half when she got injured! So she was careful of what she did, but couldn’t do all the activities because most of them were active activities, and she couldn’t be super active, so she was very bummed on that! The funny part about this injury is that when we were in the hospital room having her get her sling on, she said, “Yikes! I hope this cast doesn’t cut off my circulation!”? The nurse reassured her it wouldn’t , but it gave us a good laugh afterwards! How old was Dan when his accident happened?

          1. Yes, it can be very hard for them when they are used to being active but can’t. So he’d be like 14 or 15 now?

    1. Hi, Lisa. You can always find the original posting date for stuff on my blog in the url. This one was from February 26, 2017. Daniel’s arm is all better now — and he’s much taller and driving, too!

      1. Oh ok. So glad he’s all better now! Did he have to wear a sling while his arm heald? Can you give me the link to your Facebook page about this accident? You said you had done a post asking for prayer for him, but I can’t find it. Could you?

          1. That’s ok. I can find the FB page of it!! I saw the IG post. Too sweet! Dan DID have a smile on WITH a straight arm! Has he had any accidents since?

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