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Reader Request: 2020 Scrapbooking Calendar

ATTENTION: Are these 2020 Calendars not the ones you need? Then follow this link to find the year you’re looking for.

Monday Mailbag Q&AMy blog mailbox is overflowing again with messages and requests from readers. So I plan to respond to as many as I can over the next few months.

For this week’s Mailbag Monday, I’m fulfilling a request I’ve received from several eager readers recently.

One wrote me in May to find out how soon I’d publish the 2020 edition of my scrapbooking calendar.

I heard from another in June. She wrote:

I am IN LOVE with this calendar! It has been so great for my family and organization. I hope you have a 2020 coming!!
– Jen

Then last week, yet another reader asked about the same thing:

Just checking the website to see if the 2020 scrapbooking calendar was there. I can hardly wait to see it.

Well, Ladies, the wait is finally over!

My 2020 Free Printable Scrapbook Calendar

I started working on these calendars as soon as I got that first inquiry back in May. Although I’d intended to publish the whole set this summer, I got busy and didn’t finish until last week.

As soon as they were ready, I sent copies directly to the readers who had requested them. But today, I’m making my free printable 2020 scrapbooking calendar available to all:

January calendar


March Calendar

2020 April Calendar

This calendar has been popular with a variety of readers.

  • School teachers send copies home with their students with school holidays/events already marked
  • Parents use it for keeping track of family activities
  • Other readers tell me they use it for micro-journaling

That last idea is how I’ve always used this calendar. By jotting down a sentence a day, I have a succinct, slice-of-life record of family events, big and small.

Then, once the month is complete, I make copies for each of my children and glue them in their scrapbooks. It helps me put photos and mementos in chronological order. And it also gives my kids a narration of their childhood years written in their mother’s handwriting. With twelve children, doing it this way has been a huge time saver for me!

Need Help Finding What You’re Looking For?

Sometimes, readers write to ask about printables that are already available on the website. Although you can find much of what we offer on our Free Printables page, that list is not automatically updated. So if you check there first and don’t see what you need, try using one of our search bars to look for it. You’ll find one search bar in the top right corner of the website above our blog’s header, another in our footer under the “Let’s Get Social” heading, and a third in the sidebar at right, directly under the photo of me and my husband.

Note that some of my most popular printables started out as special requests from family, friends, and readers.

  • I created my first Year-at-a-Glance calendar as a favor to my physician-husband, who wanted a way to track 12 months of call on a single sheet. Later, Read-Aloud Revival suggested using my calendar to help track reading streaks. It’s equally helpful for tracking progress on any other new habit you may be trying to establish, as well.
  • Although I’ve been making these scrapbook calendars for decades now, I didn’t think to make them available to readers until one of my daughters-in-law asked me to give her a blank copy of them before filling mine in. She wanted to continue this same tradition with the scrapbooks she’s made for my grandchildren.
  • My school attendance chart was the brainchild of another reader. She homeschools in a state that requires documentation for the number of days her children do lessons each year, so I designed this one for her.
  • My Medicine Tracking Chart was the request of a reader who had trouble remembering to take his medications on time.

The point? If you can’t find what you’re looking for by using the search bar or checking our printables library, let me know. Describe what you need, and if it sounds like something that would be helpful to other readers, as well, I’ll try to add it to our collection.

Free Printable 2020 Scrapbook Calendars

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  1. Thank you for creating these beautiful monthly scrapbooking calendars and allowing people to have a free download!!! XOXO. Many THANKS to your time and efforts and sharing to others <3

  2. Thank you for continuing to create and share these calendars. They are just perfect for our family. Now I wait excitedly for the 2020-2021 academic calendar. I love that one too!!

    1. Hi, Katherine. The calendars you requested are ready now, but I haven’t posted them to the site yet. I plan to do so soon, but in the meantime am sending you a copy directly. I have one with a July start and the other with an August start. Take your pick!

  3. Thank you so much for this amazing scrapbooking calendar! We have used it for 3 years now! I put 2 months up on our fridge and use to keep track of our family events and activities, etc.! We are absolutely in love with it and I just wanted to thank you so much for sharing! I was looking so forward to the new 2020 one and just saw it available! So excited!! Thank you again and have a blessed new year!! ?

  4. Thank you! I’ve been using your calendars since 2014. I absolutely love them. I use them on my wall to have a visual of 2 months at a time, and I jot down my plans, school deadlines, and workouts on it.
    Love love love!!!

    1. Thanks for all that positive feedback, Emilia. Glad to hear your enthusiastic testimonial! Hope your 2020 is blessed, beginning to end!

  5. I just found you and have enjoyed reading about you and your family! You are truly Blessed! Thank you for your kindness in sharing your amazing calendar!!

  6. Thank you so very much for providing your scrapbooking calendars at no cost. I really appreciate it and I love them. They are so colorful and fun looking. I post them on my wall at work and everyone always comments about how pretty they are.

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