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Toss the Razor: It’s No-Shave November!

Today marks the first day of No Shave November.

Our son David first introduced us to this quirky tradition. Normally, David looks like this:

Clean-Shave Dave
[photo by Mai Luk]

But every November, he transforms into this:

Lumberjack Dave

David’s new bride likes the lumberjack look so much, she requested he grow the beard early this year so he could wear it for their wedding last month. Which he did, much to Bonnie’s delight:

David and Bonnie - wedding portraits by GraceAnne Photography
[portrait by Grace Anne Photography]

I fear I may never see Clean Shave Dave again!

Inspired by David’s burly beard, his father and most of his brothers have enthusiastically embraced this facial hair movement, with varying results:

Hipster Bearded Groomsmen
Hipster Bearded Groomsmen

Okay. So some of them needed a little help. Our son Daniel is the one who came up with the solution for groomsmen (and ring bearers) who weren’t able to grow sufficiently thick beards in time for the wedding: Fake it till you make it.

Fake it till you make it.

If you need similar help in the facial hair department, you can download our free phony beard pattern here:

Free printable fake beard pattern
[click on image to print]

Incidentally, No Shave November was originally designed to help raise cancer awareness. Participants are urged to donate the money they would typically spend on shaving and grooming to promote education about cancer prevention, save lives, and aid those fighting the battle.

No Shave November

If you, like our David, are a member of the Dollar Shave Club, that would only amount to a $3-$9 donation (depending on how many blades you use to shave).

Dollar Shave Club prices

If your get your razors elsewhere, it would likely mean a more sizeable contribution — unless, of course, you stockpiled Atra cartridges back in 1997 like I did when CVS (then Eckerd Drugs) put them on clearance for 25-cents a package.

That supply has lasted me almost 19 years at a cost of less than 3-cents a month.

As fate would have it, I literally used my last blade last week, so now I guess I’ll be joining the Dollar Shave Club, as well — but if you join, too, and use my link to do it, I’ll earn a free month. So my shaving costs could theoretically go down. 😉

To shave or not to shave… Will you be celebrating No Shave November this year?

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