Do You Want to Be a Money-Making Mom?

I started reading Crystal Paine’s new book, Money-Making Mom, last week and am thoroughly enjoying it.

Money-Making Mom: Pre-order before Nov. 3 for some awesome freebies

The book doesn’t officially hit shelves until November 3, but I was privileged to get an advanced reader copy. Like everything Crystal writes, Money-Making Mom is practical, inspirational, and relatable.

  • Practical:
  • This is a terrific book for anybody wanting to better their financial situation. Although the author is quick to point out there is no “one size fits all” path to success, her clear, straightforward guidance provides a reliable roadmap anyone can follow. Crystal first helps you identify your own unique passions, gifts, and abilities, then shows you how to use them to make a difference. Money-Making Mom is a step-by-step handbook that will work for anybody willing to invest the time and energy in making it work.

  • Inspirational:
  • Even more than Crystal’s practicality and wisdom, I appreciate her heart. Money-Making Mom will inspire you to dream far beyond building a bigger bank account. You’ll soon be brainstorming ways not only to better your own situation, but to bless others in the process.

    Money-Making Mom: Pre-order before Nov. 3 for some awesome freebies

  • Relatable:
  • I also love Crystal’s transparency. She shares both her successes and her failures — and explains what she has learned through each. In addition to her own stories, she weaves in personal accounts from her readers. Humble and self-effacing, she cheers us on with heartfelt encouragement, as if to say, “If I can do it, so can you.” Crystal firmly and sincerely believes that the world needs what you have to offer. By the end of the book, you’ll be believing it, too.

As I already mentioned, Money-Making Mom will not officially be released until November 3, but Crystal is offering some amazing freebies to anybody who preorders a copy before that date, including:
Money-Making Mom: Pre-order before Nov. 3 for some awesome freebies

  • Make Over Your Calendar: A 7-day online course to teach you how to simplify, streamline, and organize your daily schedule & to-do’s
  • Top 10 Productivity Tools Tip Sheet: A printable PDF with information on Crystal’s current favorite tools for better time management
  • An Exclusive Live Q&A Call: An invitation to join Crystal for a special Q&A call for you to ask any of your Money-Making Mom questions

As a member of the launch team, I received a free copy of Money-Making Mom from the publisher, but I preordered a second copy from Amazon, just so I could get the early-bird incentives myself.

If you want them, too, you’ll need to act fast. This offer is only valid through November 2, 2015.

UPDATE: Even though the deadline is past for these early-bird incentives, you can still benefit from Crystal’s excellent training. A great starting place? Check out her Make Over Your Morning Course or sign up for her FREE 5 Days to a Better Morning Challenge.

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