Mailbag: More Free Printable Fun & Games

Monday Mailbag - More Free Printable Fun & Games

My mailbox really filled up over the holidays. I’ve been working overtime on getting it cleared out again. As I do, I plan to share the letters and queries of the most general interest in this “Mailbox Monday” column. This week’s is about some of our free printable fun and games:



Thank you so much for the Book of Christmas Party Games! It looks amazing!

We have a ladies outreach ministry that meets once a month. We have devotions. Sometimes we’ll bring in a special speaker. And we sing, play games, and have a meal. We normally have around 50+ ladies! I’m in charge of the games, and I’m so excited to use some of your ideas!

Also I’m a pastor’s wife, we have a small church and I’m in charge of our children’s ministry.

Thank you again for making this available!

May God Bless You and Your Family,


You’re welcome, Laura. It makes me happy to know you’ve been able to use some of our free printable fun and games with your women’s group. If you’re interested in playing some games that aren’t Christmas-themed, you might check out these printables for other months:

You might also find some ideas you can use in this post: Make Every Month More Meaningful I hope that gives you some inspiration for the coming months. Thanks for all you do with the various ministries in your church.

Being a pastor’s wife is a special calling and often means your whole life is under the microscope (my husband’s father was a pastor for the vast majority of his life). Don’t let that discourage you. Just keep shining for Jesus!

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