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Let’s Talk Turkey Trivia Test

Let's Talk Turkey Trivia Test

Looking for a way to spice up your Thanksgiving meal? Try giving guests this Turkey Trivia Test before you serve the main course.

I know some folks are wont to serve ham on Thanksgiving — and even our family opted for serving fajitas on one particularly hectic holiday — but the meal most associated with Thanksgiving in this country is a nice roasted turkey with plenty of stuffing.

Rockwell Thanksgiving Turkey

But how much do you really know about your dinner? Take our little turkey quiz to find out. Or, if you’d like to try your trivia knowledge alongside family and friends, scroll down for our free printable version of the turkey test:

Thanksgiving | Trivia Quiz | Free Printable

Let’s Talk Turkey

  1. According to Guiness Book of World Records, the heaviest turkey ever weighed in at…
    a. 26 lbs
    b. 46 lbs
    c. 66 lbs
    d. 86 lbs
  2. What is the proper name for a baby turkey?
    a. a chick
    b. a cygnet
    c. a turkette
    d. a poult
  3. The flap of skin that hangs over a turkey’s beak is called:
    a. a wattle
    b. a snood
    c. a graft
    d. a groat
  4. According to the National Turkey Federation, approximately how many feathers does a
    mature turkey have?
    a. 1500
    b. 2500
    c. 3500
    d. 4500
  5. For the easiest and most accurate temperature reading, you should place a meat
    thermometer in which part of the turkey while baking?
    a. the gizzard
    b. middle of the back
    c. the breast
    d. the thigh
  6. A male turkey is called a “tom” and a female is called a “hen.” What is a large group of
    turkeys called?
    a. a gaggle
    b. a strut
    c. a flock
    d. a skien
  7. Wild turkeys can run at speeds of 25 mph. How fast can they fly?
    a. 35 mph
    b. 45 mph
    c. 55 mph
    d. they can’t fly
  8. At nearly 5 lbs per person annually, what is the top turkey-eating country in the world?
    a. Israel
    b. the United States
    c. France
    d. the UK
  9. Turkeys recognize each other by their unique voices. Males gobble; what to females do?
    a. they gobble, too
    b. make a hooting sound
    c. bark
    d. click
  10. Unlike their wild counterparts, most commercial turkeys are totally white. Why?
    a. they are raised indoors and get no sun
    b. they’re killed before their feathers turn bronze
    c. it’s the result of selective breeding
    d. commercial turkeys are albino

How’d you do? Did any of those questions stump you? If so, you can check your answers against the ones in our Turkey Trivia Answer Key. But no fair peeking early!

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  1. Thank you! I love these trivia pages…and yes, my homeschooled kiddos don’t know they are being quizzed before dinner either :). Fun fun-thanks!

    1. During this Coronavirus Era, it has been a challenge working alone for 75+ residents at a retirement home as an Activity Director and these puzzles, donuts and coffee saved the day!!! Thank you and Happy Holidays!

      1. I’m so happy to have been able to help with that a bit. This pandemic (and all the regulations it’s spawned) has made every facet of life more difficult, hasn’t it?

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