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Love Notes & First Impressions (Free Printable)

Free Printable Love Notes

Here’s a couple of fun but obscure facts for you: Today is Lover’s Day… and it’s also the 30th anniversary of the day I met my husband. Isn’t that a cool coincidence — that I’d meet the love of my life on a day set aside for celebrating such love?

Doug introduced himself shortly after midweek chapel services at Dallas Baptist University. Back then, we had chapel in the gymnasium, but here’s what DBU’s chapel looks like today:

Dbu Chapel

Of course, we’ve changed a little ourselves since we attended school there. Here we are back in 1986:

Doug & Jennifer in 1986

And this is how we look today:

Doug & Jennifer in 2015

Doug’s post-chapel introduction quickly evolved into a three-hour conversation, which I know for a fact that he enjoyed every bit as much as I did, because he wrote me a letter telling me so and gave it to me that same day after dinner.

It was the first of many, many love notes that passed between us in the weeks and months that followed. Neither of us pen as many letters now that we are married as we did when we were dating, but I like to occasionally send my husband little notes to let him know how much I (still) care.

For those of you inclined to send similar messages to your spouse, I have the following free printable you might enjoy:

Free Printable Love Note Cards
[click on image to print]

Print on cardstock, cut the cards apart, and jot a brief note of praise or encouragement on the back of each before hiding it somewhere your loved one will find it:

  • under their pillow
  • in a coat pocket
  • tucked inside a book they’re reading
  • in their lunch bag
  • inside a favorite coffee mug

Although I’m sharing these little love notes on Lover’s Day, I firmly believe that expressing and celebrating our love for those closest to us is something we should be doing every day of the year — not just on special occasions.

Love Your Husband

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