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Mailbag Monday - Free Prayer Guides and More

It’s been awhile since I’ve published my Mailbag Monday column and things have really stacked up. So I’m tackling as many as I can this week — all centered around a freebie theme — in an effort to get caught up. Enjoy!

  • Kids Eat Free

    First, I want to say a big THANK YOU to readers Paula, Melody, Beth, Kim, Mallory, and Jennifer for letting me know about new restaurants that let Kids Eat Free, as well as a few old ones that have stopped their family night promotions.

    I’ve updated my lists to reflect all that new intel. With the business of the holiday season now upon us, it might be a good time to bookmark our Kids Eat Free in Tyler page if you live locally (or our Kids Eat Free in the USA page if you don’t).

    Kids Eat Free

  • Free Prayer Guides

    Jody writes: “Do you have a prayer for adult children? We have six. I do pray for them but, as you can imagine, they need constant prayer being out in this world.”

    The answer is, I had never made a guide for praying for adult children before, but I have now! I published it just this morning over at my other blog, Loving Life at Home, and you can download a free printable version of it there:

    Praying for Adult Children - free prayer guide

    I also made another free prayer guide on “Praying for Myself” after receiving this message from a reader named Theresa: “Thank you for your website. I have looked all over the internet for a prayer that I can pray as a wife for myself, to be a better wife, etc. All I find on the internet is how to pray for my husband that I do already. Can you by any chance help?”

    Free Prayer Guide - Praying Boldly for Myself

    You can download that prayer guide here: Praying for Myself. You’ll also find a listing of all the other prayer guides I have available. Spot something I’ve missed? Send me a message and let me know.

  • Answer Keys

    A couple of readers have written to ask where they might find the answer key for our Christmas Word Scramble party game.

    Free printable Christmas word scramble -- plus lots more party games from www.flandersfamily.info

    For most of my other Christmas games, I published the solutions on page 2 of the same PDF as the master copy, but for whatever reason, I made a separate file for this one. You can find the link to the answer key in the 3rd paragraph of the original post, or just download it here.

    If you’re as fond of playing games as we are, you may also want to visit my Christmas Party Games board on Pinterest. And be sure to download my collection of 12 All-New Christmas Party Games below:

    12 Days of All New Party Games

  • Free Scripture Memory App

    Although the following information didn’t come from a reader, I did find it in my inbox this morning and wanted to share it. For the first time ever, Scripture Memory Fellowship is offering their Bible Memory App absolutely free, no strings attached. This is a great tool for helping you and your children hide the Word of God in your hearts.

    I’m a huge proponent for committing Bible verses to memory. In fact, we offer lots of free resources right here on this website designed to encourage our readers to memorize more Scripture: everything from Bible memory flashcards to Scripture-based coloring pages and more.

    This time of year, I also like to review Luke 2:1-20 with my children — something we committed to memory many years ago.

    Luke 2 Coloring Page

  • Free Audiobook

    Along those same lines, did you know Christian Audio gives away a new audiobook every month, no strings attached? Follow this link to find out what their current monthly freebie is. If you’re a fan of listening to books on tape, I recommend you sign up for Christian Audio’s newsletter while you’re there. That way, you’ll never miss another free title, plus you’ll find more even free downloads on their subscription page.

    These aren’t affiliate links, by the way. I’m just passing along information about something that has been a blessing to me, in hopes that it will bless you, as well.

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  1. Thanks for the info! Just a question, do you have to completely download the audio to your device by the end of the month? Or is it enough to just have it loaded to the cloud?

    1. Good question! In my experience, Leanne, it is enough just to have it in the cloud. I just click the “Add to my Library” button at the beginning of every month, then listen at my leisure — sometimes a week later, sometimes a year. I’ve never had trouble downloading anything that appears in my library once I’m ready.

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