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Free Printable Diabetes Logs

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Message: Thanks for the free printable diabetes logs

Hi, Jennifer.

WOW! I found your blog by doing a search for blood sugar logs. My three children all have Type 1 diabetes. The older two wear pumps and CGMs and we haven’t kept a traditional log for years.

However, our youngest was diagnosed super early through TrialNet and just started on insulin today, 4 months after his diagnosis. I quickly needed a log that made sense for us and yours seems to be the best one I’ve found for what I want to track! Thank you for sharing it! BTW, we are also homeschoolers. 🙂


Reply: There’s more where that one came from!

Hi, Wendy.

I’m so glad you found us! We also have three children with Type 1 diabetes. Our firstborn was diagnosed shortly before his second birthday. He’s been getting four shots a day for twenty-five years now. Three years ago, we had two more sons diagnosed with Type 1 just a few months apart.

Daniel and Jennifer Flanders

No family history on either side, and all three boys are the picture of health otherwise: lean, muscular, physically active. Yet, their bodies no longer produce insulin, so they must receive it by injection.

Anyway, I’m happy our log was helpful. I’ve been meaning to revamp it a bit. The color version is cute, but uses a lot of ink, so here is the black and white version I’m currently using, in case you might like it better, too:

Black and White Diabetes Logs

More free printable diabetes logs

You can also find more posts and printables related to diabetes on this website. Just click on the following links to download:

  • Big Diabetes Chart

    This is the chart we are currently using. I post a new one on the refrigerator every week and file the completed charts in a 3-ring binder.

    Big Diabetes Chart

  • Diabetes Management Log

    I print these double-sided and staple them together to make a little booklet, but the chart can also be posted on the refrigerator for a visible reminder to check glucose before eating.

    Colorful Diabetes Management Chart

  • No Frills Diabetes Chart

    This is an old chart we used when our firstborn was diagnosed nearly 27 years ago.

    No Frills Diabetes Chart

  • “I Give My Own Shots” Tracker

    We used this chart to bribe our six-year-old into giving his own shots. We awarded points each time he gave an injection himself and took away points every time he lost his kit. Once he earned 100 points, he won a prize. It worked like magic.
    I Give My Own Shots Now

  • Signs and Symptoms of Diabetes

    For readers who may not know the early warning signs of Type 1 diabetes, I’ve done a short post on that topic here, with details from our family’s own experience with this relentless disease.

    Are You Missing Warning Signs

Some Interesting Statistics

In the US alone, 15,000 children will be diagnosed with Type 1 (insulin-dependent) diabetes this year. An estimated 26 million Americans suffer from diabetes, but the vast majority of those (23 million) have Type 2 diabetes, where the pancreas still produces insulin, but the body is resistant to it. In either case, outcomes are better when the diagnosis is made early.

People sometimes ask me what prompted us to check our children for diabetes in the first place. With our firstborn, it was his excessively wet diapers — he would completely drench his Huggies, pajamas, and bedclothes several times a night, so much so that we had to keep bath towels in his crib to help absorb it all.

We knew there was a problem with our second when, on a family road trip, he had to request that we stop for a potty break every half-hour. No telling how long it would have taken us to notice the frequent urination had we not been traveling, as he was 14 at the time and not in the habit of announcing every time he had to go to the bathroom at home!

We became suspicious with our third when he asked permission to go get a drink in the middle of church one Sunday, then acted panicky when my husband told him to wait, because the service was almost over. The same thing happened the following week, so we tested his blood, and the glucose was through the roof. He’s been getting insulin ever since.

Family Fun Bundle

Free Printable Diabetes Charts

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