Room-by-Room Spring Cleaning Checklist

Free Printable Spring Cleaning Checklist

The sun has been in hiding lately, but it finally came out again yesterday, and my family was all so happy to see it! We opened every window in the house to let in as much fresh air and sunshine as possible, and started our spring cleaning in earnest. What’s more, I’ve turned my to-do list into a free printable, room-by-room Spring Cleaning Checklist, in case you, too, are hankering to spruce up your surroundings after the cold gray days of winter. Just click on the image below to print:

Free Printable Spring Cleaning Checklist

Spring Cleaning Checklist

Here’s a rundown of everything included on this list of tasks, organized by room of the house.

  • Kitchen

    • Dust light fixtures/ replace burnt bulbs
    • Wash down walls/cabinet fronts
    • Organize cabinets & drawers; toss or donate anything you don’t need or use
    • Clean oven and stovetop
    • Wipe down microwave, toaster, blender & other small appliances
    • Take food out of pantry & fridge, wipe off shelves, toss anything expired
    • Clean sink, faucet, disposal & drain
    • Polish countertops
    • Wipe down table & chairs
    • Launder curtains & table linens
    • Dust baseboards
    • Sweep/mop floors

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  • Utility Room

    • Dust light fixtures/ replace burnt bulbs
    • Wipe down walls, doors, door frames
    • Declutter shelves & cabinets
    • Clean under & behind washer & dryer
    • Remove lint buildup from trap/hoses
    • Clean sink/faucet/drain
    • Dust baseboards
    • Sweep & mop floor

  • Living Areas

    • Wash windows/ dust blinds and sills
    • Clean out fireplace
    • Clean/vacuum under sofa cushions
    • Declutter cabinets/ bookshelves
    • Toss or donate anything you don’t use
    • Dust furniture and decor
    • Dust baseboards
    • Sweep floors/ vacuum carpets

  • Bedrooms

    • Dust ceiling fan and vents
    • Wipe down walls and doors
    • Dust baseboards
    • Wash windows & wipe down window sills
    • Wash or vacuum curtains, blinds & window treatments
    • Declutter drawers, chests, and under-bed storage
    • Dust furniture and decor
    • Change sheets
    • Wash pillows, quilts, and other bed linens
    • Sweep floor/ vacuum carpets & rugs
    • Disinfect door knobs, drawer pulls, and light switches

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  • Bathrooms

    • Dust light fixtures & replace burnt bulbs
    • Organize cabinets/drawers
    • Wipe down walls, vents, doors & frames
    • Clean glass and mirrors
    • Clean/ declutter counter tops
    • Clean faucets, sinks, drains
    • Refill soap dispensers
    • Clean toilet (inside & out)
    • Clean tub or shower
    • Wash shower curtain/liner
    • Scrub any grout and tile
    • Dust baseboards
    • Disinfect door knobs, drawer pulls, and light switches
    • Sweep and mop floor

  • Closets

    • Purge possessions: toss or donate anything you don’t need, like, or use
    • Inspect/repair everything you keep
    • Declutter shelves/drowers/clothes rods
    • Wipe down walls
    • Dust baseboards
    • Sweep/vacuum floor

  • Garage

    • Dust/debug light fixtures
    • Wipe down walls
    • Dust/declutter shelves
    • Organize cabinets and storage closets
    • Toss/donate anything you no longer need, like or use
    • Clear off workbench
    • Organize toolbox
    • Clean/sharpen tools as needed
    • Do routine maintenance on lawn equipment
    • Pump up bicycle tires
    • Take inventory of sports equipment/replace as necessary
    • Wash/wax car
    • Sweep/ mop garage floor

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  • Porches/ Entry

    • Dust/debug light fixtures
    • Replace burnt out bulbs
    • Clean out gutters & rain spouts
    • Power wash siding
    • Wash windows and window sills
    • Wipe down benches, swings and patio furniture
    • Repot plants & ferns, as needed
    • Polish doorknobs & kick plates
    • Freshen wreath on front door
    • Spray off porches & walks
    • Wash welcome mats and rugs

  • Lawn & Garden

    • Scalp lawn early in season
    • Rake up leaves/pinecones
    • Trim dead branches from trees
    • Trim non-flowering hedges
    • Set out new annuals
    • Mulch beds
    • Plant tomatoes & other veggies
    • Reprogram sprinkler system
    • Fertilize lawn and shrubs

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  • Miscellany

    • Replace air filters/ wash vent covers
    • Clean/dust electronics
    • Change batteries in smoke detectors
    • Steam clean carpets
    • Call exterminators, as needed

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Free Printable Spring Cleaning Checklist

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