50 Ways to Get Organized

50 Ways to Get Organized

I have another of my 50-Things lists for you today. This one I call 50 Ways to Get Organized. Read on, then let me know what you think!

50 Quick and Easy Ways to Get Organized

  1. Make your bed daily

    It takes less than a minute and instantly makes your room look more organized

    Ode to a Freshly Made Bed

  2. Toss junk mail immediately

    Don’t set it down for even a second; take it directly to the trash can

  3. Keep a list of regular bills & due dates

    Never pay a late fee again!

    Bill Payment Checklist

  4. Store duplicate office supplies where most needed

    If you use pen, scissor, stapler, correction tape both at your desk and in your bedroom, keep one set of those things in your desk drawer and a second set in your nightstand drawer

  5. File greeting cards by the month you’ll send them

    Set aside time in January to stocking up on cards for birthdays, anniversaries, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, graduation, Valentine’s Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc. and put them in a monthly file, so you’ll remember to send them when it comes time.

    Free Printable Birthday Cards

  6. Keep extra ink cartridges for printer on hand

    Storing a few back-up cartridges will ensure the printer doesn’t quit on you in the middle of a printing job and will also allow you to get reduced pricing by buying printer ink in bulk

  7. Use sticky note reminders and toss when done

    Put a sticky note somewhere that’ll really stand out — computer screen, bathroom mirror, inside the back door — to help jog your memory before important tasks or appointments.

    50 Ways to Organize - Sticky Notes

  8. Label everything

    I love my my Brother Pen-Tech label maker! The labels will help your family learn your system, so they can put things away where they go as easily as you can.

    50 Ways to Organize - Label Everything

  9. Store touch-up paint for walls in pint-sized jars

    Keeping it handy will make covering nicks and scrapes quick and easy.

  10. Keep well-stocked first aid kit in family car

    Include bandage strips, antibiotic ointment, headache and motion sickness remedies, eye drops, ear drops, antacid tablets, etc. You never know when you might need it.

  11. Keep a box or bag for Goodwill in the closet

    Add to it regularly, then donate once it’s full.

  12. Install hooks in entry closet for kids’ backpacks

    It will save you tripping over them in the living room!

  13. Use easiest-to-reach storage for things used often

    Put the Christmas decor and other items you use once in a blue moon in the hard-to-reach places and leave the easily accessible storage for things you use on a daily or weekly basis.

  14. Use small parts cabinet to store toiletries in bath

    Those tiny drawers are great for storing nail clippers, alcohol pads, dental flossers, safety pins, razor blades, hair elastics, bobby pins, nail polish, etc.

    50 Ways to Organize - Small Parts Cabinets

  15. Store cleaning chemicals out of children’s reach

    Put the toxic stuff on the top shelf and use lower cabinets for storing wet wipes, paper towels, Tupperware containers, and other things that can’t hurt anybody.

  16. Keep mouthwash in glass oil dispenser by sink

    It looks pretty, and you’ll be more likely to use it when you notice it sitting there. (I keep a jar of flossers and a small drinking glass beside mine.)

    50 Ways to Organize - Mouthwash Dispenser

  17. Use drawer dividers to keep contents neat

    Don’t you get a thrill when you slide open a well-ordered drawer? I love being able to find what I need quickly and easily.

    50 Ways to Organize - Drawer Dividers

  18. Use hooks on wall or door for hanging necklaces

    These little 3M hooks are perfect for this job!

    50 Ways to Organize - Necklaces

  19. Wall hooks also work well for scarves and purses

    Low on drawer space? Use 3M hooks to help you store things vertically.

  20. Listen to books on tape while folding laundry

    This is one of my favorite ways to multi-task. Such an efficient use of time!

    Multi-tasking makes sense

  21. Fold T-shirts, towels, etc. to fit available space

    You’ll need fold things differently to store in a long, shallow drawer than in a short deep one. So experiment a little, find a method that works, and stick with it.

  22. Handbag organization: Group essentials in pouches

    Whatever you normally carry — wallet, makeup, notepad and pen, the doily you’re currently crocheting (or is that just me?) — package like items in individual pouches which you can then easily transfer from one handbag to another.

  23. Know where you’ll put something new before you bring it home

    If you don’t know where it’ll go, leave it at the store (or garage sale).

  24. Buy pretty but functional furniture with storage

    End tables, coffee tables, bedside tables — opt for designs that have drawers or shelves to make the most of your space.

  25. Set a place for everything and keep everything in place

    The old adage your mama taught you still rings true and is the secret to staying organized!

  26. For motivation to finish projects, invite guests over

    There’s nothing like the knowledge company’s coming to help kick me into high gear when it comes to finishing home cleaning, decorating, or organizing projects.

  27. Set a timer and work until it dings

    Have you been procrastinating on a big project? Commit to working on it for just 15 minutes. You can overcome a lot of inertia by simply setting a timer and getting busy.

    Time Timer Plus Review

  28. Schedule time on calendar to tackle big projects

    If 15 minutes won’t cut it, set aside a day on your calendar. Make an appointment with yourself to work on it, and avoid letting anything else encroach on that time.

    50 Ways to Organize - Calendar

  29. Tidy as you go: Leave rooms better than when you entered

    Fluff a pillow, put away something that was left out of place, empty the trash can. You get the idea. Try to make the trip upstairs or to the other end of the house count both ways whenever you can, coming and going.

  30. Declutter: Sell or donate stuff you don’t use

    Best practice is to not bring it home in the first place. But the next best is to stop giving valuable storage space to stuff that isn’t serving any purpose but to take up room and make your home feel cluttered.

  31. Store drinking glasses near sink

    Put things where you tend to use them: cups near the sink, pots and pans near the stove top, car keys near the garage door, copy paper near the printer, etc.

    50 Ways to Organize - Cups Near Sink

  32. Post frequently used recipes inside cabinet doors

    Keep it handy for easy reference.

  33. Hang measuring cups and spoons on hooks

    If you’ll hang them in descending order, you can tell at a glance which is the teaspoon and which is the ½ tablespoon.

    50 Ways to Organize - Hang Measuring Cups

  34. Alphabetize herbs & spices

    Find what you need without having to scan the entire collection.

     Alphabetize Spices

  35. Stock freezer with bulk-made meals

    Pull from the stash of freezer meals and pop them in the crockpot as needed for fuss-free dinners.

    No Cook Freezer Meals

  36. Refill dispenser as soon as dishwasher is empty

    Doing this helps you tell instantly whether the dishes inside are dirty or clean: A full (closed) dispenser means dishes are dirty; an empty (open) dispenser means they’re clean.

  37. Keep ingredients for 1-2 quick meals in stock

    Some of my go-to meals are minestrone soup or cheese enchiladas (the ingredients keep for a long time, and the meals require only 10-15 minutes of prep time.

    Easy Meal Prep

  38. Layer pot holders between stacked nonstick pans

    Protect them from scratches.

  39. Clean as you go when cooking

    It will mean less to do later. And who wouldn’t rather work in a tidy kitchen than a dirty one?

  40. Put leftovers at eye-level in fridge to use soon

    Out of sight, out of mind. So if you want to make sure nothing stays in the fridge long enough to grow fuzz, keep second servings front and center, where you’ll see them and be reminded to use them up quickly.

  41. Store similar items together (think zones)

    Some of my zones include a space for arts and craft supplies (scissors, glue, markers, tape, colored pencils, paint, brushes), another for bread baking (grain mill, mixer, rolling pins, mixing bowls), a tote for gardening (spade, handheld hoe, plant food, gardening gloves, trimmers, nippers), a closet for sewing (sewing machine, needles, thread, straight pins, fabric, fabric shears), etc.

  42. Use shoe pouches on pantry door for snacks, etc.

    This is a great option for small pantries — and keeps snacks (granola bars, apple sauce pouches, fruit rollups, beef jerky, nuts) within easy reach of kids.

  43. Use baskets on shelves for onions, potatoes, etc.

    We store bananas, apples, oranges, and avocados in baskets, as well.

    Fruit Baskets

  44. Keep shoes on shelves near back door

    It will prevent people from tracking dirt into the house while keeping footwear organized and all in one place.

    50 Ways to Organize - Shoe Shelves

  45. Store socks near the exit, as well

    We keep a nightstand near the door for this purpose (and a laundry basket right next to it, so dirty socks can be deposited there before the family comes back into the house once they return).

  46. Use a large doormat outside every entry

    The more steps the doormat will accommodate, the more likely guests will have wiped off all the dirt before entering.

    50 Ways to Organize - Use Doormats

  47. Store sporting supplies in baskets by kind

    We keep balls in one basket, bike helmets in another, tennis rackets in a third, etc.

    50 Ways to Organize - Sports Equipment

  48. Use pegboard for storing tools in garage

    Keep hammers, screwdrivers, wrenches, and levels all within easy reach.

  49. Pegboards also work well for crafting supplies

    I keep a piece of pegboard framed in my closet for organizing scissors, duct tape, hole punches, framing and sewing supplies (see below).

    Use Pegboards

  50. Group books by genre

    We keep children’s books in one cabinet, homeschool curriculum in another, marriage and family books in a bookcase, history and biographies in a closet, etc.


That makes 50 tips for becoming better organized. Can you think of one you’d add to my list? Tell me in the comment section below. And if you’d like a printable version of these suggestions, just click on the image below.

50 Ways to Get Organized

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50 Ways to Get Organized

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