31-Day Reading Challenge Game for Kids

31- Day Reading Challenge Game

Summer reading is in full swing! My younger kids and grandkids are busily checking off time and titles in all the various Reading Rewards Programs their parents have signed them up for. But along with the standard time logs to which they’ve grown accustomed, they have another fun way to track their progress this year with my brand new 31-day reading challenge game.

This is especially helpful for motivating children who are too young, too old, or who live too far away to participate in summer reading programs offered by national bookstore chains. Just use the template below to design your own challenge, set your own rewards, and turn your kids loose with this free printable game board:

  31-Day Reading Challenge Game Board

Ready to get started? This 31-Day Reading Challenge Game is part of our new, free Reading Rewards Print Pack (along with other great reading-related resources). Just follow the link below to download yours today.

Reading Rewards Print Pack

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