Word on Wednesday: Psalm 51:2

Psalm 51:2

Our family embarked upon a 2 1/2 week road trip earlier this month — sort of an extended “early American history” tour of the east coast.

In fact, we are still in the middle of it, even as I write this post in the wee hours of the morning from my hotel room.

We’ve seen a lot of key sites and made many wonderful memories together (so far), but all those long hours spent crowded into our van with seven children, two ice chests, a mountain of luggage, a box of math books and Spanish CDs (this is a learning vacation, after all), and a crockpot (our new van has a plug, so we’ve been cooking as we go) has served as a reminder that our sin natures came along for the ride, as well.

As much as I wish we could have left those things at home, they’ve already reared their ugly heads a time or two (or three or four), so that we’ve also gotten lots of practice in apologies and prayers for forgiveness. Prayers such as this:

Wash me thoroughly from my iniquity and cleanse me from my sin. For I know my transgressions, And my sin is ever before me. Against You, You only, I have sinned.
Psalm 51:2-4, NASB

A hot bath at the end of a long day can get our bodies clean, but only God can wash and purify our hearts — and will, if we ask Him.

So that’s the verse our family is memorizing this week. Want to join us?

Psalm 51:2 is included in our first set of Scripture Memory Cards. Click the image below to print:

Scripture Memory Flashcards

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  1. Jennifer, Wednesday’s scripture is such a wondrous word!! The scripture focus is entirely on cleansing from sin. Where does sin get washed away from? From the spiritual heart. I’ve seen an illustration in a children’s book of a large heart with a face being washed with a spray bottle!! That would put a better focus on where sin abides. The book that had that illustration was a fabulous teaching of the Word of God on the heart; and a cleansed heart. I love the part about “not nursing grudges.” The illustrator had even illustrated a grudge as a baby in a baby cap being nursed with a bottle in the arms of a boy who “had” a grudge. He nursed that grudge in the book until it became a big monster; also illustrated in the book, walking beside the boy!!

  2. I needed this scripture this morning! I had a “grouchy” morning, which is so unlike me. I was having guilty feelings & regretting my lack of tolerance when I opened up this post. My sweet daughter Ana’s last words as she was getting her things together to get out of the car were “I don’t like you having a grouchy morning”…not the last words you want to hear as you send off your child for school.

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