Time Timer Plus: My New Favorite Tool

Time Timer Plus Review

It’s about time for another Timberdoodle Review. And I mean that literally. Today’s review is all about time, because we’ve been trying out what has rapidly become my favorite new tool: Time Timer Plus.

Keeps Kids on Track

When I first ordered this chunky, visual timer, I pictured myself using it to keep my homeschool students on track with their lessons. “Just work on your math for forty-five minutes, then you can take a break.”

Doing Homework with Time Timer Plus

Some of my kids need this kind of motivation more than others, but they all respond pretty well to it. Consequently, they’re getting their lessons finished in a much more “timely” fashion now than they were before we started using this timer.

Turns Chores into a Game

What I didn’t anticipate was haw helpful Time Timer Plus would be during chore time, as well. The dinner dishes are consistently getting knocked out as soon as we finish eating.

Kitchen Chores with Time Timer Plus

Do you know how long it takes for us to clean up the kitchen when we all work together? With no procrastinating? Less than ten minutes! Then we can enjoy those spotless, squeaky clean counters until time for the next meal.

Clean Kitchen

Motivates Mom, Too!

What’s more, Time Timer Plus isn’t only effective for the kids. It works for Mom, too! I enjoy racing the clock to finish my chores as much as my offspring do. Barring interruptions, I can fold 2-3 loads of laundry in 15 minutes.

Folding Laundry

Then I call the kids to come put their clothes away, and my utility room no longer looks like a tornado struck it.

Time Timer Plus Review

Making the bed takes under five minutes. I allotted fifteen, so I’d have time to tidy my desk too.

Racing the Clock

Now, doesn’t this view look much better?

Tidy Bedroom

Ends Procrastination

The desk in my closet was WAYYY overdue for some attention. That’s where my family puts anything that needs sewing, sorting, repairing, grading, answering, or filing. So things tend to stack up quickly in no time.

Messy Closet

I kept procrastinating this job, because I felt like it would take me all day long to do it right. But my Time Timer Plus had helped me accomplish so much so fast in other corners of the house that I decided to set it for 15 minutes and see how much progress I could make on decluttering my closet in that length of time.

As you can see below, the situation is vastly improved after just a quarter-hour of work. I’m pretty sure I’ll be able to whip things completely into shape with two or three more fifteen-minute sessions.

Improve Results with Time Timer Plus

Simple Design

I like the fact the Time Timer Plus is big enough to spot across the room. This tool has been a great fit for our family, as it suits our competitive personalities well. I’ll place the timer on the counter or mantle where everyone can keep an eye on the elapsed time. Then we’ll race to finish assigned tasks before the beeper goes off.

The timer does not make any kind of ticking noise, but it does sound a beeping alarm when time is up. A volume knob allows you to decide how loudly the buzzer beeps.

Time Timer Plus Review

I suppose some people might find this idea of “racing the clock” a little stressful. But Time Timer Plus can also be used to simply mark the passage of time and stay on schedule. Why not use it to set limits on how much time kids (or parents) spend on the computer? Or to track time spent reading or exercising? Or to signal when it’s time for another stretch break during a long day of lessons?

Computer Time

Sponsored Post

I’ve had my eye on the Time Timer Plus since Timberdoodle first started carrying it. So when the company recently offered me a discount on any products I was interested in reviewing as part of their blog team, this was at the top of my list.

They sell a smaller version, Time Timer Mod, but I’m glad I sprung for the big one. If I’d known back then how much I was going to love it, I would’ve bought it a long time ago.

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Time Timer Plus Review

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