Reunited: Family Photos & Season’s Greetings

Our family was a little spread out at Christmas time. But we were recently reunited when all our kids made it home simultaneously a couple of weeks into January.

It was the first time we’ve all been together since Samuel got married nearly two years ago. So we set up the tripod and took a bunch of photos. Donning our flannel shirts and best smiles, we snapped as many as we could manage before Rachel had to leave for work.

Flanders Family Flannel Photo
I spy a Stetson, a baby on the way, two identical pairs of shirts, a fiancée,
Five folks with eyeglasses, two missing teeth, one string of pearls, and a Christmas wreath.

Time Marches On

Speaking of new years, can you believe January is already behind us? Late Christmas greetings and Happy New Year’s cards have continued to trickle into our mailbox for the past month. But I’m afraid we’ve seen the last of them by now.

I love getting newsy letters and family photos from faraway friends and family during the holidays. It makes me sad when the influx of cards finally comes to an end, and I realize we won’t be getting any more until next Christmas.

Although I must admit, I do still have a couple of copies our own family’s Christmas updates on my desk. But they’re stamped and ready to go. We mailed the bulk our Christmas cards in November, but a few came back in need of current addresses. Which I’ve thus far failed to track down.

I did, however, finally finish uploading our annual update to this website, along with some of our favorite photos and video clips from the year. If you’re interested in perusing any of that, just follow this link: 2018 Flanders Family Christmas Letter

While it may be too late to wish you a Merry Christmas, 2019 is still young enough for Happy New Year’s wishes. So we send you those. Have you downloaded our free habit-trackers? Why not do it nowfor a fresh new start in February?

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