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Retro Valentines with Bible Verses

Free Printable Retro Valentines

I’m probably dating myself to admit it, but back when I was in grade school, boxed valentines didn’t exist. You couldn’t buy stacks of tiny cards ready to sign and seal in pre-made envelopes.

Instead, valentines came in huge paper books. Books full of vintage designs and matching envelopes you had to cut out and assemble yourself before you could pass them out to your friends and classmates.

Many happy hours I spent snipping on solid lines, folding on dotted lines, and pasting the various embellishments where they went. I haven’t seen those big books of do-it-yourself greetings for decades, but I did find some scanned copies of some old vintage valentines online, thanks to The Graphics Fairy and The Old Design Shop.

This collection of retro valentines with Bible verses below originally contained the same corny puns I remembered from childhood:

  • “What a scoop to have a Valentine like you!”
  • “You’re purrr-fect in every way.”
  • “My tu-lips are for you!”

But I edited them to add Bible verses, instead. That only seemed fitting, in my opinion. If Valentine’s Day is all about love, what better LOVE do we have to celebrate than the marvelous, matchless, unending love of Jesus?

Ready to get started? Click on the link below to download these cute, scripture-infused retro valentines. I printed mine on plain white cardstock to make them sturdier. You may want to do the same.

Retro Valentines with Bible verses
Retro Valentines with Bible verses
[click on image to print both pages]

I hope you’ll have as much fun clipping, trimming, and sharing these as I did designing them. And I pray that if you don’t already know Jesus, you won’t wait a moment longer to give your whole heart to Him.

The Fun Never Ends

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  1. HelloJennifer! I love your site. I am printing the Retro Valentines but they are not centered correctly on the page and some of the sides and tops are cut off. Can you fix that? Thank you.

    1. Try downloading the file to your computer first, then print. Sometimes if you try to print it while the file is still online, it throws the spacing off. Please let me know if that doesn’t work, and I’ll try emailing you the PDF directly.

    2. Never mind! I fixed it! On the print screen, I went to scale and clicked on fit to printable area and it is perfect! These are awesome valentines. Thank you!

  2. Hi Jennifer! These are so sweet; thank you!! How do you recommend we go about cutting the ones with scalloped edges? I’d like to use them for my daughter’s choir class. Do you think there is room to cut a square around them or should I just roughly cut in between them? I’m not able to see how much space there is and would like to know before printing on cardstock, please.

    1. Sorry, Julie, but as they’re arranged now, you would not be able to cut a square around each valentine in this collection. They’re really meant to be cut out along the printed edges in the shapes offered — much like the big books of valentines they used to sell fifty years ago when I was a young girl.

  3. I just happened upon these on Pinterest. They are brilliant! Each verse you chose is perfect for the design. Thank you so much for making these available to print on my home printer. Just perfect for my grandchildren. May God bless you for your kindness and generosity.

  4. I love these and printed them out for my Wednesday night church students. The words are not coming out on them, looks like mailing stamps all over them. Is there some adjustment I need to make? Thought I’d let you know. I printed from your pdf.

    1. Hi, Pam.

      I’m not sure what the problem is. I’ve printed them from the PDF at home and they come out fine. I sent you a JPEG file for each directly to see if that will work better for you, but I’d encourage you to try the PDF one more time (and make sure the paper in your printer is fresh & clean), as the words seem crisper that way when I compare the two.

      1. I tried jpeg and it came out smaller, maybe I can print it out on Word by copy paste.

        I tried the other on cardstock, plain paper, new cardstock, etc. I got 3 pages to print right more or less (the yellow background one didn’t), and this will be enough. Thank you though. I tried adjusting to best instead of normal, didn’t really make a difference either. It is like the other wording with letters and numbers show through in boxes of white and black, over what you wrote.

        At least I have enough for my group, I think. These are so cute and I love how you put thought into what would work with each valentine. 🙂 I always have ideas to do things like this, but don’t have the technical know how. I am also an artist, but this eludes me. 🙂

        1. That is so weird. I’m really sorry it’s given you so much trouble. Are other printing jobs coming through properly? I’m wondering if your printer is set on an odd setting? Also, I’d be curious to know if any more of my printables are being altered when printing, or if it is just this one.

          Readers? Have any of the rest of you experienced this problem when printing any of my PDFs? If so, will you let me know. And if you figured out a work-around, please share it!

          1. Everything else seems to be right. I have a wifi printer that has instant ink sent from HP, about a year old or so.
            I did try to print business cards one time, and they wouldn’t line up. But everything else is perfect. I printed some things before from you and they were fine. I will look for something else to print from your blog. On this, I just clicked on a valentine and it went into a print ready form. Not sure if it is a pdf or not, but had a print icon that I clicked.

  5. These brought back lots of memories. I would try so hard to cut on the lines.. I love that your Valentines have Bible verses. Thank you for sharing.

    1. You’re quite welcome, Mary. All that cutting made for some great practice on fine motor skills, didn’t it?

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