Smart Uses for Flanders Family Printables

Smart Uses for Flanders Family Printables

I use Mondays to clear out my mailbox. This week’s message is all about the smart ways one reader uses Flanders Family printables. Read on for some creative inspiration!

Monday Mailbag

Message: This is how I use your printables

Dear Flanders Family,

I love, love, love your website! We have two granddaughters who are college freshmen and were finally able to live on campus their second semester. I send them “care packages” to remind them of home and how much we love and miss them.

Included in the packages are healthy snack bars (they love them for eating on the run), a pair of pink fluffy foot warmers (February), your Valentine’s Day Quiz (4 copies for a group game, the answer sheet taped with instructions to open only when the quiz was complete), a $5 bill, and your beautiful valentines with scripture messages.

The March package contains a bag of jelly beans and the Easter Jelly Bean Gospel with copies for friends, a small tube of shea butter hand lotion, gourmet chocolate eggs, $15 gift card to Starbucks, more snack bars, Who Said What? Quiz with answer sheet, and another $5 bill.

I love your printables for these care packages as both girls are attending high academically rated universities and your site offers such nice reminders of spirituality. You can be assured I will be visiting your site to copy and send your inspirational messages with each package.

Thank you, thank you,

Answer: What a smart and creative idea!

I love, love, love the creative way you are using our printables to encourage your granddaughters, Lelia. What a smart idea (and what a sweet grandma you are)! I suspect those girls love getting your care packages while they’re away. And the monthly themes you’ve used make your gift extra fun!

For years I’ve sent copies of my printables along with our personal letters to the children we sponsor through Compassion. But your message made me want to brainstorm other smart ways to share these resources with friends and family. Here’s some of the creative uses we’ve used in the past, plus a few new ones I’ll use in the future.

Smart Uses for Flanders Family Printables

These are just the few ideas I could thought of off the top of my head, but I know you can come up with countless others. If you’ve used any of our printables in a smart and creative way, I’d love for your to share that in the comment section below.

If you’re new to this webiste, you can find a partial listing of the free printables we offer here: Flanders Family Printables. Or simply sign up for my weekly emails to get a themed list of free resources delivered straight to you inbox.

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Smart Uses for Flanders Family Printables

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