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Family Resources in Chinese Translations

We received a request a few weeks ago for permission to create a Chinese translation of our “Head-to-Toe Prayer Guide for Children.” The translators explained that they were wanting to distribute the Chinese version at an upcoming prayer summit in Taiwan. How cool is that?

Monday Mailbag

Of course, we gladly consented to this request. Then a short while later, we received the following update:

Hi, Jennifer.

The project is complete. I had a Chinese friend do the translation, so it is better quality. Chinese is not my mother tongue, and so I do not naturally choose their way of saying things. I have read it carefully and believe it’s a good translation. I asked my friend and she does not want credit for doing it.

So it is yours, by God’s grace. No financial expense to either you or me. 🙂

free printable prayer guide (available in English, as well as Chinese)

I appreciate permission to use it as a tool in ministry. I am hoping to use it at the prayer summit, giving people scriptural examples of how to pray for children. At a future time I may desire to use it in parenting classes. For these uses I would like to distribute photocopies (with your web address as on pdf). I trust this is agreeable to you.

Hidden in Taiwan

More Prayer Guides in English

For those of you who would like copies of our prayer guides but don’t read Chinese, you can download the English versions by clicking any of the following links:

Gospel Tracts in Chinese

Chinese Gospel Tracts

Marriage-Building Resources in Chinese

UPDATE: Not long after this Chinese prayer guide translation was published, I received a similar request from a group of Chinese Christians who wished to translate our marriage books, 25 Ways to Communicate Respect to Your Husband and 25 Ways to Show Love to Your Wife into their native tongue, as well. That project took much longer to complete, but I’m happy to report that both books are now available in Traditional Chinese and may be purchased on Amazon:

Family Resources in Chinese Translations

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