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10-Week Half-Marathon Training Schedule (Free Printable)

Get a Running Jump on the New Year

One of our family’s goals for the New Year is to run a half-marathon together (see training schedule below). Unfortunately, the first one we have our eyes on is only ten weeks away, which means if we are going to make that one happen, we’ve got to start now.

It has been thirteen years since Doug and I ran a full marathon together. That time, it took me a month just to build up running a full mile.

This training program will have to be quicker than that. We ran the first 1/2 mile a few days ago, and my legs are still sore! But our family’s code words for 2015 are “discipline” and “joy,” and I know if we stay disciplined with the training, we’re going to enjoy the results.

Get a Running Jump on the New Year with our 10-Week Half-Marathon Training Schedule

Here’s our Half-Marathon Training Scheule, in case you’d like to join in.?

As you can see, this schedule calls for three runs a week (short, medium, and long). Just work them in on whatever days are most convenient for you. The short run should focus on speed, the medium run on tempo, and the long run on endurance.

I designed this half-marathon training schedule with two copies per sheet, so cut down the middle and give the second copy to a friend or family member. It’s always more fun when you run with a training buddy.

Is running not your thing? You can still make this coming year your healthiest yet. Get a copy of my book Get Up & Go for lots of fun, low-key ideas for getting fit as a family!

Get Up and Go

In the meantime, I hope your last few days before Christmas will be characterized by a quiet hush rather than a frantic rush.

Save all your rushing for the track. 🙂

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  1. This morning we started listening to “HEAVEN Touching Eternity through scripture and song”. Music by Don Potter. Produced by Daniel Kolenda and Jim McMahel!Thank you for your heart desire and prayer for all of us of a quiet hush these few days before Christmas Jennifer, rather than a frantic rush! This wonderful CD truly brings heaven on earth in our hearts! Christ for All Nations sent the CD to us. Thank You Lord Jesus for the Body of Christ in the earth today. We are one with You Father and Lord Jesus Christ! Oh I just had a thought come to my heart! I saw the Father, and the Lord Jesus and then I saw the Holy Spirit in us; dwelling in us: we are One!!

    1. I often use music to help calm the atmosphere at our house, too, Elsie. Of course, the calming effect depends entirely on the selection. Sometimes I have to put on lively, upbeat tunes to rouse everybody up and get them working — especially when there are chores to be done. Ha!

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