A Game to Celebrate Your Graduate

In just a few weeks, two more of our daughters will graduate from high school. That makes eight out of twelve, which means I’ll be 2/3 of the way finished with my homeschooling career come May.So today I’m sharing a game to celebrate graduates like them.

Rebekah and Rachel

We recently hosted a party for their senior class, and here’s one of the games the kids played at the party:

[click on image to print]

We call it “Senior Scattergories.” To play, you simply think up words that fit the categories on the lefthand side of the page that also start with the letters at the top of each column.

Set a timer and let players scribble down answers as fast as they can. When the buzzer goes off, compare answers. You can award one point per item in each category and give a prize to the player with the most points.

To make the game even more challenging, only award points for answers that do not match anybody else’s answer in the group. For instance, for “places you might apply for a job,” if three people write “Sonic” under S but only one writes “Sears” then “Sears” earns a point but “Sonic” doesn’t.

If you have a graduating senior this year — or even if you don’t — give this game a try. Not only will it add some fun to your next family gathering or commencement celebration, but will sharpen your thinking skills in the process!

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Celebrate Your Graduate - free printable "Senior Scattergories" game

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