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Mailbag: Scripture Copywork in Manuscript

I’ve been using Mondays to clean out my mail, and this week I’m fielding a request for Scripture copywork in manuscript. Keep reading if you’d like to download this brand new resource.

Mailbag Mondays - Our answers to readers' questions

Hi, Jennifer.

I found your site on accident today and I love it! I am looking for Scripture copywork in print rather than cursive. Is this something I am not finding on your site?

Thank you!

Free printable copywork

Hi, Amber.

I hadn’t posted any manuscript copywork previously, but have been thinking I should add some. Your message provided just the motivation I needed to follow through. Here’s the first seven sets of Scripture copywork in manuscript:

Hope that helps! And when you are ready for them, here are the same Scripture sets in cursive:

I’m glad you’ve enjoyed looking around our website. I hope you’ll come back. Let me know if there’s anything else I can help you find.

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    1. Some of the verses are KJV, but obviously not all of them. I love the lyrical sound of KJV in many passages — especially the Psalms — but prefer some of the easier-to-understand translations for other verses. That’s why I use KJV for memorization and songs, but gravitate toward more contemporary word-for-word translations from the original language (my favorite is NASB) for Bible study. Of course, there is still something to be gained from reading passages in a variety of accurate translations, including KJV, NIV, ESV, NET, as well as the Living Bible and the Amplified. For that reason, I do much of my Bible study online at BibleHub where I can easily compare different translations.

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