St. Patrick’s Day Pennant Banners

St. Patrick's Day Pennant Banners

My husband officially proposed to me the day after St. Patrick’s Day 34 years ago. And we’ve been celebrating ever since (mainly because marrying him was like finding a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow) ?. This year, we’re starting the festivities early with these free printable St. Patrick’s Day pennant banners.

Top-o-the-Mornin Banner

Top o’ the Mornin’ to You!

I’ve designed several versions for you to choose from. First, we have this cheerful Top o’ the Mornin’ banner.

Top-o-the-Mornin Banner

You may print it in half-size, like the one pictured, or full-size, like other pennant banners I’ve posted in the past.

Top-o-the-Mornin Banner

To print, just click on the button below for your preferred size:

Top o the Morning Banner

Kiss Me, I’m Irish!

Next, we have a lovely Kiss Me, I’m Irish pennant banner for St. Patrick’s Day.

Kiss Me Im Irish Banner

Since this invitation is primarily directed at my husband, I hung this banner in our bedroom. To print one for yours, just select between the half-size banner and full-width, then click print.

Kiss Me Im Irish Banner

Once you’ve printed your banner of choice, cut out the pennants. I use a paper trimmer to keep my edges straight, but a good pair of scissors and a steady hand works well, too!

St. Patrick's Day Pennant Banners

I leave a white strip of margin at the top to fold over. Then you can either tape or glue it around a piece of yarn or twine to construct your banner.

Double-check as you get started to make sure your words are all going in the right direction. I’ve been known to finish an entire phrase before realizing I’d fastened the letters in reverse order: !hsirI m’I em ssiK

More resources for celebrating St. Patrick’s Day

For more fun ideas for making the most out of this holiday, check out the following posts and printables:

  • Irish Blessing Coloring Page – “May there always be work for your hands to do/ May your purse always hold a coin or two… “
  • Leprechaun Lunch – So many of our favorite foods are green, it’s always been easy to make a full meal out of just that color (what we call “green cuisine”).
  • Bonnie & Blessed Pennant Banner – Here’s a third option for a St. Paddy’s Day pennant banner. Some people swear by the Luck of the Irish, but I prefer the term “blessed,” because that’s where I stand in Christ.
  • It’s Not Easy Being Green – Take this trivia quiz to test your knowledge of all things lime, emerald, and chartreuse colored.
  • St. Patrick’s Day Word Scramble – Challenge your family and friends to see who can be first to decipher this list of mixed-up, St. Paddy themed words.
  • St. Patrick’s Day I Spy – How fast can you find all the items on this list?

St. Patrick's Day Pennant Banners

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