A Perfect Place for Strawberry Picking

In honor of National Strawberry Picking Day tomorrow (May 20), I thought I’d share a few family photos from our stop at Efurd Orchards in Pittsburg last week.


We love going to Efurds and stop every time we are passing through. This time, the strawberries were ripe and ready for picking.

Efurds 5
The reddest berries were in a part of the field that was standing in water after that morning’s heavy rains, so we ended up buying berries that were already picked, but they were mouth-wateringly delicious!

efurds2But strawberries are only part of the story. Efurds also grows peaches, which are equally scrumptious.


They also have beautiful flowers — and here’s our little flower posing for a picture with them. Abby’s high heels were a birthday gift from her sister. They’re white, so they go with everything — Sunday dresses, denim shorts, swimsuits, pajamas. 😉


Our family has been going to Efurds for years. Here are a few pics from previous visits:


We’ve picked blueberries there when they were in season.



We’ve sampled their marmalade and salsas and clover honey. They also have watermelon…

…and several scrumptious flavors of the creamiest homemade ice cream you can imagine. (That’s the main reason we stop. We’re addicted!)



Efurd’s is a quaint place with charmingly eclectic decor.


You can enjoy your ice cream in the backseat of an old jalopy or at some booth seats salvaged from an old soda fountain, or you can eat it on the go as you take a short walk around the lake.


There are lots of great photo ops around the property, so be sure to bring your camera if you go.




And tell them we sent you. A few more visits, and we’ll be on first-name basis with the whole family.


Too far from East Texas to do your berry picking here? Check this site for a pick-your-own farm near you… and have yourself a merry little National Strawberry Picking Day!

Oh, and FYI — this is NOT a sponsored post, nor did we receive any kind of compensation for this review. We just wanted to share what we consider a real treasure with our local readers, so they can visit, too.

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